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Wound Care Solutions

Complete Cycle of Wound Care Solutions

Winner Medical, a professional wound care solutions provider, is dedicated to offering a complete cycle of wound healing products for wounds from beginning to end. Our extensive portfolio includes various wound care supplies and solutions, encompassing traditional and advanced approaches. From time-tested methods to cutting-edge technologies, Winner Medical ensures a diverse range of options to meet the unique needs of every patient's healing journey.


The pain of dressing change caused by the adhesion of cotton gauze and the wound tissue, secondary trauma, and refractory wound treatment, such as ulcers, are becoming increasingly evident in clinical practice. Thus, it prompts people to research and develop new wound care materials.


In 1962, Dr. Winter. R put forward a new Moisture Exposed Burn Therapy theory to keep the wound surface "sterile, moist, and closed," breaking through the theoretical limitations of the Lister era. With the development of this concept and the continuous progress of material science, wound healing material has also undergone fundamental changes. Various macromolecular substances with moisturizing functions have shown strong vitality in wound care. The birth of this theory represents the beginning of the era of biological materials and advanced wound care solution concepts.

Winner Medical's advanced wound care materials and breakthrough technologies have created the perfect surgical dressing materials and provide wound care solutions. We treat patients and their wounds with considerate and comprehensive care. Contact us or more wound healing solutions info!

Traditional Wound Care Solution Traditional Wound Care Solution

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An acute wound refers to a wound that suddenly forms and heals quickly. Its pathological development accords with the classic wound-healing process. In medicine, a wound that takes 2 weeks from formation to healing is acute. Winner Medical provides high-quality traditional wound care solutions such as cotton yarn dressings and all-cotton spunlaced non-woven fabrics for acute wound healing. All-cotton spunlaced non-woven fabrics are ideal dressings for acute wound treatment with no thread ends, significant liquid absorption, and fast liquid absorption speed. The traditional wound care supplies and products from Winner Medical are reliable and affordable solutions for healthcare professionals.

The medical dressing gauze, including gauze sponge, and non-woven sponge, is an excellent wound care solution for the wounded. The medical dressing gauze uses high-quality imported American cotton as raw material, white and soft, with long fibers and no foreign fiber impurities, meeting the relevant requirements of YY0331 and EN14079.

The adhesive and film dressing, as a kind of wound care solution, applies the high-performance substrate and hypoallergenic glue and also meets the relevant requirements of YY/T 0471 and EN 13726.

High-quality imported American cotton is used as raw material, white and soft, with long fibers and no foreign fiber impurities. And the cotton meets the relevant requirements of YY 0330 and BP 2013, making it an excellent material for our wound care solution products.

Winner Medical has established production plants and workshops in full compliance with GMP requirements. In addition, its purification and aseptic have reached a 100,000-grade dust-free environment, making the non-woven can the ideal material for wound care solutions.

The basic kits from Winner Medical are processed aseptically and under strict inspection, which are comprehensive traditional wound care solutions for wound management.

Advanced Wound Care Solutions Advanced Wound Care Solutions

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Winner Medical has been committed to the field of wounds for many years. We continue to invest in research, development, and technological innovation for better wound care solutions. We carry out product layouts according to the whole cycle of wound healing and promote a series of wound care solutions to provide treatment for patients from beginning to end. Nowadays, we have assisted medical workers in many countries in treating and preventing complex wounds such as ulcers, burns, postoperative wounds, and diabetic foot. We also help solve clinical problems such as wound cleaning, exudate management, and infection. Our advanced wound care supplies and products are certified by the Chinese CFDA, CE of EU, and Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Liquid skin protectants are liquid film-forming products and are available in a wide variety of packaging, including foam applicators, wipe and spray bottles.
Debridement is the removal of infected, damaged, or dead tissue from wounds. The procedure is essential for wounds that aren't getting better. Usually, these wounds are trapped in the first stage ...

Exudate needs to be carefully managed. Therefore, Winner Medical introduces advanced wound care solutions, for example, different kinds of advanced dressings, to create a moisture balance at the wound interface and optimize its benefits for wound healing.

The anti-adhesion wound care provides better protection for the wound bed during the dressing change.

Scarring is a natural part of the healing process after an injury or trauma to the skin. When the skin is injured, it goes into overdrive to heal itself. The bodies healing mechanisms will often "...

Winner medical can provide different antimicrobial product solutions.These antimicrobial dressings includes silver or PHMB antimicrobial foam dressing, silver antimicrobial alginate dressing, silver a...

The active biological treatment can create a moist environment for wound healing, especially for full and partial-thickness wounds.

Compression bandage system is used for compression therapy to treat phlebitis, thrombosis, post vein surgery, and to relieve manifestations of chronic venous disease (heavy legs, varicose veins, o...

Winner Medical Co., Ltd.What is a wound care product?

A wound care product is used for the purpose of timely wound healing and effective infection control. Traditional wound care products include: wound care gauze for the absorption of excess body fluids, bandage for the support of an injured part, film dressing for the fixation of catheter and dressing, cotton to stop bleeding from minor punctures, etc. Winner Medical also develops advanced wound care products to better meet the needs of our customers, such as Silicone foam dressing, Super Absorbent dressing, Hydrogel, Hydrocolloid dressing, Liquid skin protectant and so on.

Winner Medical Co., Ltd.What are the basic steps for wound care?

Wash Your Hands: There is no doubt that dirty hands increase the infection risk. Even if the seemingly clean hands harbor potential risks as well. So the first step of wound care lies in thorough hand washing.

Stop the Bleeding: Applying pressure to the wound until the blood lots. It must be noted that a clean cloth is used during the applying process.

Wash The Wound: Once the wound stops bleeding, it should be cleaned under the running water gently. A stinging sensation may arise and slight bleeding may be noticed. But it’s normal. Then, sterilize wound and surrounding skin with alcohol or iodophor.

Wound debridement: If there is scab or necrotic tissue, the wound needs to be debrided. Hydrogel can be used to keep the wound moist and achieve painless self-melting debridement.

Apply Antibiotics: If the wound is infected, antibacterial treatment is required. Winner antibacterial dressing series can provide a convenient and long-lasting antibacterial treatment. There are high-accepted silver dressings and safer PHMB dressings to choose.

Cover the Wound: For minor wound, a simple bandage is enough; for moderate size wound, you’d better cover it with sterile dressing. Too loose or too tight is undesirable. If the wound have exudate, infection, odor and cavity problem, it is necessary to select the problem-focusing advance wound dressings according to the wound condition.

Winner Medical Co., Ltd. Wound Care Supplies With Innovation

Winner Medical Co., Ltd.
Quality First
Product safety first and social responsibility first is the ideological sources of Winner Medical. Quality takes precedence over profit, the brand takes precedence over speed, and social value takes precedence over company value, which are the core principles of Winner Medical. Our success depends on the attitude of doing things steadily and keeping healthy. We provide our customers and users with the best wound care solutions and services.
Winner Medical Co., Ltd.
R&D Team
Winner Medical has a group of professional R&D teams that combine theory with practice. They are committed to the research and innovation of new products, new technologies, and new processes. They expanded wound care solutions to the whole field of infection protection and made countless innovations and breakthroughs.
Winner Medical Co., Ltd.
Winner Medical has always emphasized innovation and talents. Now, Winner Medical owns 510 Applications: 455 in China and 55 Abroad; 398 Authorized Patents (360 in China and 38 Abroad). The figures show the determination of Winner Medical to develop a better medical environment for the world.

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