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Exudate Management

Exudate needs to be carefully managed to create a moisture balance at the wound interface and optimize its benefits for wound healing. Too much exudate can cause maceration and wound breakdown, while too little exudate can inhibit natural debridement, slow epithelial migration, and delay wound healing.

Winner Medical provides different exudate management for a wide range of mild, moderate to highly exuding chronic and acute wounds during the different healing stages. The products include:

· Foam dressing.

· Silicone foam dressing.

· Super-absorbent dressing.

· Sterile gauze ball.

· Alginate dressing.

· Sterile ABD pad.

· CMC gelling fiber dressing.

· Hydrocolloid dressing.

· NPWT dressing kit.

The high exudate wound dressings and other exudate management solutions are to help provide a moist environment for wound healing.

Exudate ManagementTypes of Exudate Management

How does exudate affect wound healing?

A moist environment is beneficial to wound healing. Exudate in an appropriate amount provides a moist bed and supplies necessary nutrients, having the surface of wound cleansed. However, exudate in excessive amounts tend to cause a saturated wound bed, resulting in maceration and excoriation. A dry wound could cause great pain for patients. So the maintenance of a proper amount of exudate is rather important for wound healing.

Which product is used for managing exudate?

For exudate management, we provide a wide range of products for you to select. Foam dressings absorb excessive exudate effectively, maintaining a relatively moisture environment and relieve pressure for wound and surrounding skin. As an advanced wound dressing, our super absorbent dressing is perfect for the moderate to severe exudate management. Alginate dressing, another upgraded wound dressing from winner, is capable of handling wounds in irregular shapes. This highly absorbent biodegradable dressing can also be applied in cavity wounds. It absorb exudate and form special gel to avoid wound adhesion and secondary injury. 

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