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Green O.R. matters

With the heightened emphasis on "Carbon Neutrality," the urgency for environmental protection has surged. Achieving this goal poses an unprecedented challenge for hospitals, particularly in the context of operating rooms.

Research indicates that North American operating rooms contribute to 20%-33% of total hospital waste (CMAJ, November 20, 2012, 184 (17) 1905-1911). Presently, driven by considerations such as patient safety, cost, and convenience, an increasing number of supplies in the operating room are designated as "single-use" and subsequently discarded. Unfortunately, many of these items, including disposable (SMS/SMMS/SMMMS) surgical gowns, surgical trays, and drapes, are not easily biodegradable. The disposal of such materials poses significant environmental challenges, escalating an already worsening problem.

In response to these challenges, Winner Medical is dedicated to providing sustainable surgical solutions that strike a balance between patient safety and environmental responsibility. Our commitment is to offer eco-friendly alternatives to disposable (SMS/SMMS/SMMMS) surgical gowns, surgical trays, and drapes. As a leader in the medical field, Winner Medical is actively contributing to the ongoing conversation on "Carbon Neutrality" and working towards a greener future for healthcare.

Build A Future O.R. with Greener Innovations

Centrally focused on "cotton," Winner Medical is unwavering in its commitment to the development and promotion of new materials derived from this natural fiber. Acknowledged for its inherent softness, comfort, and biodegradability, cotton forms the foundation of our innovative approach to surgical consumables. From protective surgery gowns to custom procedure trays and surgical packs, our greener solutions not only elevate the standard of operative care but also contribute positively to the environment, marking a significant stride toward the future of operating rooms. By providing hospitals with superior surgical consumables, Winner Medical aims to effectively address and prevent Surgical Site Infections (SSIs).

Winner Medical Co., Ltd.

Greener Protective Apparels

Winner Medical offers a wide range of surgical supplies for surgeons, such as surgical gowns, isolation gowns, scrub suits, and patient suits. These high-quality protective apparel is crafted from cotton, ensuring comfort and durability. Additionally, Winner Medical demonstrates their commitment to social responsibility and environmental protection by designing apparel that naturally degrades in soil within 3 months after disposal.

Winner Medical adheres to the patients' health and the surgeons' safety, introducing the custom procedure trays (CPT) and surgical packs. The procedure trays and surgical packs can be customized to make for different operations and different needs. For example, the custom procedure trays (CPT) and surgical packs contain the surgical drape, sheet, towel, and other surgical consumables which are sterile and comprehensive. The CPT and surgical packs are set to become the choice for surgery, making it more efficient and convenient for surgeons.

Winner Medical prioritizes the health of patients and the safety of surgeons by offering a range of specialized surgical consumables for their custom procedure trays (CPTP). These carefully selected components aim to provide surgeons with a comfortable and secure operating experience. With Winner Medical's comprehensive range of surgical solutions, surgeons can perform procedures with enhanced confidence and peace of mind.

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At Winner Medical, we truly appreciate the significance of every detail in surgical procedures, including the surgical consumables. Our range of essential products, such as bedding items, surgical caps, and shoe covers. We acknowledge that these surgical supplies are indispensable in creating a sterile environment for surgeries, prioritizing the safety and well-being of both patients and surgeons.

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