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Green O.R. matters

As “Carbon Neutrality” has become a hot topic, the concern of environmental protection is soaring. And how to reach the goal of Carbon Neutrality has set an unprecedented challenge for hospitals.

It’s estimated that North American operating rooms alone account for 20%-33% of total hospital waste (CMAJ November 20, 2012 184 (17) 1905-1911). Nowadays, due to patient safety, cost and convenience, more and more supplies in O.R. are marked as “single use” and discarded. Most of them are not easily biodegradable, including disposable (SMS/SMMS/SMMMS) surgical gowns, surgical trays, and drapes, which could become waste after disposal and cause major environmental challenges. And the problems are getting worse and worse.

Build A Future O.R. with Greener Innovations

With "cotton" as its core, Winner Medical is dedicated to developing and promoting new materials made of cotton. As a natural fiber, cotton is soft, comfortable, and biodegradable. We created greener innovations by employing cotton in surgical products, including protective surgery gowns, custom procedure trays, and surgical packs. They not only promote a good quality of operative care but also benefit our environment, which will make a great difference in future O.R. . In this way, the hospital is equipped with better surgical solutions to tackle preventable Surgical Site Infections (SSIs).

Winner Medical Co., Ltd.

Greener Protective Apparels

Winner Medical provides comprehensive protective apparel for surgeons, including surgical gowns, isolation gowns, scrub suits, and patient suits. They are made of cotton, which means the protective apparel will degrade naturally after 3 months in the soil after disposal, showing the social responsibility and environmental protection of Winner Medical.

Winner Medical adheres to the patients' health and the surgeons' safety, introducing the custom procedure trays (CPT) and surgical packs. The procedure trays and surgical packs can be customized to make for different operations and different needs. For example, the custom procedure trays (CPT) and surgical packs contain the surgical drape, sheet, towel, and other surgical consumables which are sterile and comprehensive. The CPT and surgical packs are set to become the choice for surgery, making it more efficient and convenient for surgeons.

Components for CPTP

The following components are specially provided for CPTP, providing a relatively comfortable operation experience for patients and surgeons. With the surgical solutions from Winner Medical, the operation shall be more secure.

More Options

Winner Medical provides the overlooked but necessary surgical consumables such as bedding products, surgical caps, and shoe covers. These are also indispensable surgical disposables of surgical solutions to create a sterile environment for surgeries.

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Mar 02 2022

The Characteristics and Requirements of Disposable Surgical Gown
When performing surgery, the medical staff must wear special surgical gowns. When choosing a disposable surgical gown, it is important to ensure clothing quality for safety. Therefore, strict sterilization and disinfection treatment should be carried out to achieve a certain protective effect.

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