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Urology Description

Designed for man minor surgical procedures with a patient in a lithotomy position, e.g conisation,cerclage, cystoscopy . The drape is made of SMS or laminated fabric (2-layers or 3-layers nonwoven fabric) depending on requirements.

It is used in urological surgery. The components include: TUR urinary hole towel with collection bag / Velcro / middle sheet / table cover / OP strip / paper towel / table cloth, and other customized models.

Urology Benefits

With perineal aperture

Safe barrier function against liquid and bacterial penetration

Excellent draping properties

Optimal folding for aseptic application

Urology Specification

Ref No.Description


1 x table cover, PE film, 120x140cm; with reinforcement: 75x140cm


2 x Towels, 30x40cm


1 x hook and loop fastener 2.5x25cm


1 x T.U.R drape, with integrated leggings, perineal aperture, suprapubic aperture,

integrated fluid collection pouch, with sieve and exit port, with a latex-free finger stall

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