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Angiography Description

Angiography set is specially designed for Brachial angiography and Femoral angiography surgery.Usage of procedure packs (surgical packs) improve efficiency by significantly reducing the clinical and administrative workload , minimizing waste and associated costs, while provide professional choice.

Automated production for femoral artery puncture angiography and interventional therapy. Its components include: contrast hole towel/instrument pad/medium sheet/machine cover/screen cover/measuring cup/measuring bowl/table cloth and other customized models.

Angiography Benefits

With U split aperture;

With reinforced materials at the operative site;

Safe barrier function against liquid and bacterial penetration;

Ensure easier aseptic transfer and quicker set-up time.

Angiography Specification

Ref No.Description


1 x Wrapping SMS, 80x100cm


1 x Towels, 30x40cm


1 x Adhesive tape 10x25cm


1 x Angiography drape II, 3-layer, 227x330cm

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