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Non-Woven Products Production Advantages:

Automated equipment production

Non-Woven Products Environmental Advantages:

Winner has established production plants and workshops in full compliance with GMP requirements as a nonwovens manufacturer and supplier. And its purification and aseptic have reached a 100,000-grade dust-free environment.

Non-Woven Products Current supply situation

Widely supplied to benchmarks in markets like Europe, America, Japan, and etc.

Winner Medical Co., Ltd.Types of Non-woven

Winner Medical Co., Ltd.Medical Wound Non-Woven Products

  • Winner Medical Co., Ltd.

    General Information

    - Used to clean or cover minor wounds, to absorb light exudation, or as secondary dressings for added absorbency.

    - For sterile products, use directly when taking nonwoven sponge from package; for non-sterile according to the application whether the sterilization is needed.

    - Low lint and permeable to air, free of binding agents and optical brighteners.

    - Economical and environment-friendly, Ideally substitution of gauze sponge.

  • Winner Medical Co., Ltd.

    Properties: Medical Materials & Accessories

    Instrument classification: Class I, Is, IIa

    Type: swabs/balls/rolls/pad

    Material: 70% viscose and 30% Polyester

    Feature: high absorbency, soft & comfortable

    Color: white

    Application: traditiona wound care

    OEM: Yes

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