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Raw Material Advantages:

Winner gauze for wounds uses high-quality imported American cotton as raw material, white and soft, with long fibers and no foreign fiber impurities, meeting the relevant requirements of YY0331 and EN14079.

Production Advantages:

Imported equipment is used in the raw material processing technology; automated production of equipment is used in the production process of wound packing gauze.

Environmental Advantages:

This surgical gauze has established production plants and workshops completely in accordance with GMP requirements, and has a clean and sterile environment with a dust-free environment of level 100,000.

Supply Chain Advantage: 

Winner gauze for wounds has a complete industrial chain from raw cotton, spinning, weaving, bleaching and dyeing to deep processing and sterilization of finished products.

Winner Medical Co., Ltd.Types of Gauze

How to put gauze from wound?

There are seven tips in terms of applying the gauze on the wound.

  • Wash hands before doing anything to your wound.

  • Be sure the gauze cover beyond the wound.

  • Hold the gauze by the edges and then put gauze dressing on the wound.

  • No contact with the part of the gauze that touches the wound.

  • Use adhesive tape to secure the gauze.

  • Wrapping rape around the wound all the way should be avoided.

  • If no medical dressing gauze available, use clean cloth as a substitute. 

How to remove gauze from wound?

  • Wash hands before removing the old gauze.

  • In case of infection, sterile gloves can be used. Remember wash hands before and after.

  • For the gauze applied in hairy areas, remove gently in the direction of hair growth.

  • If the absorbent cotton gauze is struck to the wound, wetting the gauze or apply a saline solution: 1/4 teaspoons of table salt for every quart of water.

  • Soak the wound covered with gauze in the saline solution. After several minutes, you can try to remove the gauze.

  • Use a clean towel to pat dry the wound, or just leave it air dry.

  • Cover the wound with a fresh woven gauze.    

Winner Medical Advantages of Medical Wound Gauze

Winner Medical Advantages of Medical Wound Gauze

Strictly Quality Control
Strictly Quality Control

Strictly quality control validated by benchmark from Japan & Germany, especially for lap sponge.

Winner Medical Co., Ltd.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, with or without X-ray & loop, sterile or bulk.

Winner Medical Co., Ltd.

Sterilization can be EO, Steam or E-beam with enough capacity.

Winner Medical Co., Ltd.

CE certificate & relevant test report is available.

Winner Medical Co., Ltd.

Product upgrading and customization.

Winner Medical Co., Ltd.Medical Wound Gauze General Information

  • Winner Medical Co., Ltd.

    Properties: Medical Materials & Accessories

    Instrument classification: Class I, Is, IIa

    Type: swabs/balls/ lap sponges/rolls/bandage

    Material: 100% bleached cotton

    Feature: high absorbency, low linting, soft & comfortable

    Color: white, green, blue

    Application: traditional wound care

    OEM: Yes

  • Winner Medical Co., Ltd.

    Can be used to clean or cover minor wounds, to absorb light exudate & and to treat secondary healing wounds

    Can be used for absorption during surgical operation after sterilisation.

    After sterilisation for gripping and retaining organs and tissue during surgery.

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