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Advantages of Raw Material:

High-quality imported American cotton is used as raw material in this surgical absorbent cotton, white and soft, with long fibres and no foreign fibre impurities. And this Absorbent Cotton meets the relevant requirements of YY 0330 and BP 2013.

Absorbent Cotton Production Advantages:

Imported equipment is used in the raw material processing technology; automated production of equipment is used in the Absorbent Cotton production process.

Absorbent Cotton Environmental advantages:

Winner has established production plants and workshops in full compliance with GMP requirements as an absorbent cotton manufacturerand achieved a clean and sterile environment of 100,000 dust-free.

Winner Medical Co., Ltd.Types of Cotton

Why do we use medical cotton in cleaning the wound?

The medical cotton products provided by us are not irritating to human body and skin. They have strong water absorption and convenient to use. Medical cotton in cleaning the wound is a wonderful sterile method.

What is the use of cotton in first aid?

Medical cotton is an indispensable component as far as the first aid kit is concerned. 100% pure sterile cotton balls are perfect for cleaning minor cuts. Cotton swabs are especially used for removing damaged tissues from a wound, to be more precisely, for primary layer debridement. Cotton pads together with adhesive tapes achieve the sealing function. Cotton pads also play an important role in exudate absorption during the first aid process.

How do you remove sticky cotton from a wound?

Medical professionals tend to be more considerate when it comes to the removing of sticky cotton from a wound. Factors such as the amount of cotton and the depth of wound have an influence on the removing method. Most often, the cotton stuck wound is handled by being soaked into the sterile saline solution so as to loosen the scab; and then an instrument can used to gently remove the sticky cotton. Lastly, the wound should be reapplied with sterile gauze.

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