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Foam Dressing

Foam dressings are divided into two categories, general foam dressing, and silicone foam dressing. 

General foam dressing products are divided into foam dressing without border and foam dressing with border. These foam wound dressings can absorb exudate more than their weight and help reduce dressing change frequency. Foam dressing with a border can provide a self-adhesive effect.

There are three types of silicone foam dressings:

● Silicone foam dressing without a border

● Silicone foam lite dressing with a border

● Silicone foam dressing with border

The silicone foam dressing with a border contains nonwoven SAF and viscose fiber blended. It can significantly promote the dressing to absorb and retain exudate by forming a gel, greatly reducing the risk of skin maceration. Silicone foam dressing without a border is easy to cut into various shapes to the size of the wound on different parts of the body and minimizes pain when dressing changes.

Winner Medical, a professional and experienced foam dressing supplier, provides foam dressings for a wide range of moderate to highly exuding wounds.

The foam wound dressing can absorb a large amount of exudation from the wound and can even prevent the wound from infiltrating the surrounding skin and causing impregnation. In addition, the foam wound dressing can reduce the frequency of foam dressing changes.

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