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Compression bandage system is used for compression therapy to treat phlebitis, thrombosis, post vein surgery, and to relieve manifestations of chronic venous disease (heavy legs, varicose veins, oedema, leg ulcers). 

Compression bandage system is applied in different compression levels (I, II or III level) corresponding to the severity of the pathology of the patient. The compression levels are defined according to different official norms. 

Now, we can provide Three-Layer and Four-Layer compression bandage system while two-Layer compression bandage have been developing. It requires that the physician examines the pathology of the patient and prescribes corresponding compression level.

Compression TreatmentTypes of Compression Treatment

What is compression therapy used for?

Compression therapy is widely used for pain relieve and prevention of serious problem. Sitting or standing too long tend to cause leg swelling, and compression therapy is very useful to prevent such kind of condition. Besides, varicose veins, together with other leg symptoms can be under good management by adopting compression therapy. It also functions as a maintenance therapy in terms of lymphedema. The amount of compression varies with the type of material used

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