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Surgery Drapes from Winner Medical

As a leading manufacturer of sterile drapes, Winner Medical boasts a product development team enriched with extensive clinical application expertise. Our meticulously designed surgical drapes align with operational specifications, ensuring optimal performance.

The components within our sterile drape packs are thoughtfully configured, gaining widespread recognition in hospitals across Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, and China. Notably, our sterile radiography drape represents a breakthrough, featuring China's first fully automated production line.

Winner Medical, a distinguished supplier of sterile surgical drapes, proudly presents CE-certified surgical hole towels and combo products meeting EN 13795 standards. Backed by comprehensive test reports and certifications, our commitment to quality is unwavering.

We've established a standardized accessories library for surgical hole towels and combo packs, incorporating independently produced composite surgical drape material. Our sterile drapes undergo aseptic processing, holding ISO 13485 certification.

Customers benefit from personalized orders tailored to their minimum quantity requirements, with transparent and controllable production costs. Choose Winner Medical for superior sterile drapes that epitomize excellence and adhere to the highest industry standards.

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