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Sterile Drapes for Surgery

As one of the sterile drape (hole towel) manufacturers, Winner Medical has a product development team with rich clinical application experience. The design of the surgical drape conforms to the operation specification.

The components of the sterile drape pack are reasonably configured and are widely promoted and applied in domestic hospitals in Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, and China. Among them, the sterile radiography drape can be fully automated, the first fully automated production line of the sterile radiography drape in China.


Winner Medical, one of the sterile surgical drapes suppliers, its surgical hole towels and surgical hole towel combo products have CE certification and comply with EN 13795 standard, with complete test reports and certification certificates.

Winner Medical has established a standardized accessories library for surgical hole towels and surgical hole towel combo packs. The independent production of composite surgical drape material is used in surgical hole towels. The sterile drapes are processed aseptically and certified with an ISO 13485.

Customers can make personalized orders according to the minimum order quantity according to their needs, and the production cost is transparent and controllable.

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