Obstetric Drapes

Obstetric Drapes

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Obstetric Drapes Description

Designed for normal childbirth procedures. The Obstetric Drapes is made of SMS or laminated fabric (2-layers or 3-layers nonwoven fabric) depending on requirements.

It is used in obstetrics. The components of the normal delivery package include: hip pads/leg covers/medium singles/gynecological examination pads/baby blankets/toilet paper/tablecloths; Caesarean section components include: caesarean section main hole towels/leg covers/medium singles/women Inspection pad/baby blanket/toilet paper/table cloth, and other customized models.

Obstetric Drapes Benefits

With fluid collection pouch for fluid management

With reinforced materials at the operative site.

Extremely soft blanket for baby wrap

Obstetric Drapes Information

Ref No.Description


1 x table cover, PE film, 150x190cm; with reinforcement: 75x190cm


2 x Towels, 30x40cm


2 x leggings, 80x135cm


1 x baby wrap drape, fluid-repellent, 90x90cm


1 x top drape, 97x150cm


1 x OB drape, 120x133cm


2x Nursing pads, 60x90cm

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