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Lightwin Bandage

Lightwin Bandage

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Lightwin Bandage Description

Lightwin is a lightweight elastic adhesive bandage. It is flexible, hand-tearable and provides medium compression and support. The cotton substrate makes users feel more comfortable and its elasticity allows it to conform to every contour without restricting movement. The adhesive is strong and latex-free, which prevents latex induced allergic reactions.

Lightwin Bandage Benefits

Latex free, causes no latex induced allergic reactions. .

Easy to hand tear. Leaves no adhesive residue on body parts

Provides medium compression and supportt

Stable and reliable adhesion;Constant unwinding tension; Good tensile strengt

Lightwin Bandage Application

Supporting bandage for strains and sprains

Fix bandage for splints, monitors and IV sets

Industrial First aid bandage

Support wraps for horses and pets

Lightwin Bandage Specification

REF NO.Spec.Packaging

607 001


1 roll/pack, 24pks/box, 6boxes/case

607 002


1 roll/pack, 16pks/box, 6boxes/case

607 003


1 roll/pack, 24pks/box, 6boxes/case

607 004


1 roll/pack, 16pks/box, 6boxes/case