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Cowin Bandage

Cowin Bandage

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Cowin Bandage Description

Cowin Bandage is a flexible, hand-tearable, cohesive bandage made of nonwoven fabric and elastic fiber. It is soft, breathable, easy to apply, and sticks to itself not to skin, no clips or fasteners required. Cowin provides light compression and support, which help patient feel more comfortable.

Cowin Bandage Benefits

Sticks only to itself, does not stick to hair, skin or cloth. No pins or clips needed

Soft, breathable and comfortable, Easy hand tear, no scissors needed

Provides light compression and support

Stable and reliable adhesion; Constant unwinding tension; Good tensile strength

Cowin Bandage Application

Supporting bandage for strains and sprains

Fix bandage for splints, monitors and IV sets

Industrial First aid bandage

Support wraps for horses and pets

Cowin Bandage Specification

Cowin (Nonwoven Cohesive Flexible Bandage)
REF NO.Spec.Packaging

606 001


1 roll/pack, 12pks/box, 24boxes/case

606 002


1 roll/pack, 12pks/box, 18boxes/case

606 003


1 roll/pack, 12pks/box, 16boxes/case

606 004


1 roll/pack, 12pks/box, 12boxes/case

606 005


1 roll/pack, 12pks/box, 8boxes/case