Cannula Fixation Dressing

Cannula Fixation Dressing

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Cannula Fixation Dressing Description

Winner cannula fixation dressing is a moisture responsive transparent polyurethane film dressing specifically designed to meet the needs of catheter fixation and to keep the catheter site dry. Widely used in hospital and clinical settings.

Cannula Fixation Dressing Benefits

1. Reliable and secure fixation, allow the patient to move freely and yet will remain firmly adhered around the catheter hub so ensuring excellent fixation. Nonwoven and two adhesive tapes reinforce for extra strength when needed.

2. Greater patient comfort, the Highly breathable transparent film is conformable and flexible, which reduces stress on the skin. 

3. Convenient visual inspection, transparent and allow regular inspection of the catheter insertion site for signs of infection or phlebitis without removing the dressing.

4. Easy application and removel, also when wearing gloves, the application system with the protection foil, paper frame, and generously sized side tab, ensures easy application.

5. Provides gentle and secure fixation.

6. Documentation label, to record date of dressing change.

Cannula Fixation Dressing Application

Ideally designed for catheters and drainage tubes fixation, such as peripheral and central venous catheter fixation.

Cannula Fixation Dressing Specification

REF NO.Spec.Packaging

108 012


100pcs/box, 24boxes/case

108 014


100pcs/box, 20boxes/case

108 015


100pcs/box, 20boxes/case

108 016


50pcs/box, 24boxes/case

108 017


50pcs/box, 24boxes/case

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