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Prowin Bandage

Prowin Bandage

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Prowin Bandage Description

Prowin is a latex-free sports tape made of cotton substrate that provides firm support to ankles, wrists, hands, and other body parts that are exposed to tension. Prowin can also be used to bind sports equipment, such as baseball bats or hockey sticks.

Prowin Bandage Benefits

Serrated edge available,easy to hand tear both lengthwise and widthwise

Economical choice

Prowin Bandage Application

Latex free, causes no latex induced allergic reactions

Made of cotton, soft and comfortable

Non elastic, apply properly to avoid cutting circulation

Strong adhesion and leaves no adhesive residue

Support wraps for horses and pets

Prowin Bandage Specification

Prowin (Cotton Athletic Tape)

REF NO.Spec.Packaging

601 001


48rolls/box, 6boxes/case

601 002


32rolls/box, 6boxes/case

601 003


24rolls/box, 6boxes/case