Fluff Gauze Roll

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Fluff Gauze Roll

Fluff Gauze Roll

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Fluff Gauze Roll Description

The soft and low ply gauze dressings are made of 100% woven cotton from prewashed and fluff-dried. Fluff gauze roll is intended for use as primary or secondary dressings for exuding wounds and is available in sheet and roll. The unique 6-ply construction offers finished edges that provide patient comfort, fast-wicking action, superior aeration, and excellent absorbency.

Fluffs surgical dressing is made from 100% textured cotton gauze. Superior soft, bulk and absorbency make fluff gauzes excellent primary or secondary dressing. Their fast wicking action helps reduce the pooling of fluids, decreasing maceration. Good strength and absorbency make fluff gauze dressing ideal for pre-op prepping and cleansing and packing.