Sterile Gauze Swab

Sterile Gauze Swab

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Sterile Gauze Swab Description

Sterile Gauze Swab is made of 100% high-quality pure cotton yarn after degreasing and bleaching. It is white, soft, and has strong water absorption.

Sterile Gauze Swabs are divided into non-developing line and with developing line; according to packaging, they can be divided into ordinary packaging and sterilization packaging.

Sterile Gauze Swab Advantages

1. Sterile Gauze Swab is made of 100% natural high-quality cotton. It is white and soft, and has strong water absorption. High absorbency, super softness and patient comfort.

2. This soft swab gauze has less fluff and no thread, which can reduce the risk of wound irritation.

3. No fluorescent agent, non-toxic, non-irritating, non-sensitizing.

4. Sterile Gauze Swab can provide various sizes, specifications and packaging, so it is suitable for all kinds of acute wound care.

5. Clean, fibre-free opening of packs ensures the safe presentation of sterile products.

6. The easy-open envelope is carefully sealed to prevent contamination and help gauze swabs aseptic presentation prior to use.

Sterile Gauze Swab Application

1. Sterile Gauze Swab can be used for various wound care such as exudate absorption, cleaning and disinfection and dressing care.

2. Ordinary grade products are generally used for cleaning; and sterile grade soft swab gauze can be used by medical units for one-time use during surgery or wound care, after opening the package.

3. Sterile Gauze Swabs with developing lines are mostly used in operating rooms after sterilization, which is safe and convenient.

4. Usually 1's or 2's is packed in peel pouch(one side of paper is coated with medical adhesive and another side of paper is laminated with PE film). The purpose of the special design is to reduce fiber or tear when open.

5. Usually 5's or 10's or 20's is packed in blister packaging. This kind of sterile packaging can be sterilized by Steam, EO or Gamma. It prevents the products from contamination and helps gauze swabs aseptic presentation prior to use.

Sterile Gauze Swab Specification

Sterile in 1’S, in paper pouch (With X-ray Detectable Thread)
REF NO.ThreadSize(cm)PlyPackaging
201 063135×58ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 064137.5×7.58ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 0651310×108ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 0661310×208ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 10bxes/case
201 067135×512ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 068137.5×7.512ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 0691310×1012ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 0701310×2012ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 071135×516ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 072137.5×7.516ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 0731310×1016ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 074175×532ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 075177.5×7.58ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 0761710×108ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 0771710×208ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 078175×58ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 079177.5×7.512ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 0801710×1012ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 0811710×2012ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 082175×516ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 083177.5×7.516ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 0841710×1016ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
Sterile in 5’S, in blister (With X-ray Detectable Thread)
REF NO.ThreadSize(cm)PlyPackaging
201 085135×58ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 40boxes/case
201 086137.5×7.58ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 30boxes/case
201 0871310×108ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case/td>
201 0881310×208ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 10boxes/case
201 089135×512ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 40boxes/case
201 090137.5×7.512ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 30boxes/case
201 0911310×1012ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case
201 0921310×2012ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 10boxes/case
201 093135×516ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 40boxes/case
201 094137.5×7.516ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 30boxes/case
201 0951310×1016ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case
201 096175×58ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 40boxes/case
201 097177.5×7.58ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 30boxes/case
201 0981710×108ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case
201 0991710×208ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 10boxes/case
201 100175×512ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 40boxes/case
201 101177.5×7.512ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 30boxes/case
201 1021710×1012ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case
201 1031710×2012ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 10boxes/case
201 104175×516ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 40boxes/case
201 105177.5×7.516ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 30boxes/case
201 1061710×1016ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case
Sterile in 10’S, in blister (With X-ray Detectable Thread)
REF NO.ThreadSize(cm)PlyPackaging
201 107135×58ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 40boxes/case
201 108137.5×7.58ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 30boxes/case
201 1091310×108ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case
201 1101310×208ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 10boxes/case
201 111135×512ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 40boxes/case
201 112137.5×7.512ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 30boxes/case
201 1131310×1012ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case
201 1141310×2012ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 10boxes/case
201 115135×516ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 40boxes/case
201 116137.5×7.516ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 30boxes/case
201 1171310×1016ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case
201 1181310×1032ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 10boxes/case
201 119175×58ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 40boxes/case
201 120177.5×7.58ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 30boxes/case
201 1211710×108ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case
201 1221710×208ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 10boxes/case
201 123175×512ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 40boxes/case
201 124177.5×7.512ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 30boxes/case
201 1251710×1012ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case
201 1261710×2012ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 10boxes/case
201 127175×516ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 40boxes/case
201 128177.5×7.516ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 30boxes/case
201 1291710×1016ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case
Sterile in 1’S, in paper pouch (Without X-ray Detectable Thread)
REF NO.ThreadSize(cm)PlyPackaging
201 130135×58ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 131137.5×7.58ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 1321310×108ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 133135×512ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 134137.5×7.512ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 1351310×1012ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 136135×516ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 137137.5×7.516ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 1381310×1016ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 139175×58ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 140177.5×7.58ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 1411710×108ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 142175×512ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 143177.5×7.512ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 1441710×1012ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 145175×516ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 146177.5×7.516ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
201 1471710×1016ply1pc/pack, 100pks/box, 20bxes/case
Sterile in 5’S, in blister (Without X-ray Detectable Thread)
REF NO.ThreadSize(cm)PlyPackaging
201 148135×58ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 40boxes/case
201 149137.5×7.58ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 30boxes/case
201 1501310×108ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case/td>
201 1511310×208ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 10boxes/case
201 152135×512ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 40boxes/case
201 153137.5×7.512ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 30boxes/case
201 1541310×1012ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case
201 1551310×2012ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 10boxes/case
201 156135×516ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 40boxes/case
201 157137.5×7.516ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 30boxes/case
201 1581310×1016ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case
201 159175×58ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 40boxes/case
201 160177.5×7.58ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 30boxes/case
201 1611710×108ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case
201 1621710×208ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 10boxes/case
201 163175×512ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 40boxes/case
201 164177.5×7.512ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 30boxes/case
201 1651710×1012ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case
201 1661710×2012ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 10boxes/case
201 167175×516ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 40boxes/case
201 168177.5×7.516ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 30boxes/case
201 1691710×1016ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case
Sterile in 10’S, in blister (Without X-ray Detectable Thread)
REF NO.ThreadSize(cm)PlyPackaging
201 170135×58ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 40boxes/case
201 171137.5×7.58ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 30boxes/case
201 1721310×108ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case
201 1731310×208ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 10boxes/case
201 174135×512ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 40boxes/case
201 175137.5×7.512ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 30boxes/case
201 1761310×1012ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case
201 1771310×2012ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 10boxes/case
201 178135×516ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 40boxes/case
201 179137.5×7.516ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 30boxes/case
201 1801310×1016ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case
201 181175×58ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 40boxes/case
201 182177.5×7.58ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 30boxes/case
201 1831710×108ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case
201 1841710×208ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 10boxes/case
201 185175×512ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 40boxes/case
201 186177.5×7.512ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 30boxes/case
201 1871710×1012ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case
201 1881710×2012ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 10boxes/case
201 189175×516ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 40boxes/case
201 190177.5×7.516ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 30boxes/case
201 1911710×1016ply10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case
Sterile in double blister
REF NO.ThreadSize(cm)PlyPackaging
201 1921710×108ply5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case
201 1931710×108ply25pcs/pack, 10pks/box, 10boxes/case

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