Gauze Trach Sponge

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Gauze Trach Sponge

Gauze Trach Sponge

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Gauze Trach Sponge Description

WINNER Gauze Trach Sponge is made of 100% high-quality pure cotton yarn after degreasing and bleaching. It is high whiteness, softness, absorption, and have two types of sterilization and non-sterilization.

Gauze Trach Sponge Advantages

1. With I-cut, Y-cut, Star-cut and so on, which can cut in different shapes as required.

2. Less fluff and linting.

3. Softness and skin friendly.

4. Free of binding agents and optical brighteners.

Gauze Trach Sponge Application

1. The sterilization type can be used for cannula fixation in trach or cover

2. It is can also used to Absorb exudate from wounds and effectively control bleeding during surgery.

Gauze Trach Sponge Specification

REP NO.ThreadSize(cm)CutPlyPackaging
201 194137.5×7.5Y cut16ply100pcs/pack, 50pks/case
201 1951310×10Y cut16ply100pcs/pack, 50pks/case
201 196177.5×7.5Y cut16ply100pcs/pack, 50pks/case
201 1971710×10Y cut16ply100pcs/pack, 50pks/case
201 198137.5×7.5I cut16ply100pcs/pack, 50pks/case
201 1991310×10I cut16ply100pcs/pack, 50pks/case
201 200177.5×7.5I cut16ply100pcs/pack, 50pks/case
201 2011710×10I cut16ply100pcs/pack, 50pks/case
Sterile in 2'S, in paper pouch
REP NO.ThreadSize(cm)CutPlyPackaging
201 202137.5×7.5Y cut16ply2pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 30boxes/case
201 2031310×10Y cut16ply2pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case
201 204177.5×7.5Y cut16ply2pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 30boxes/case
201 2051710×10Y cut16ply2pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case
201 206137.5×7.5I cut16ply2pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 30boxes/case
201 2071310×10I cut16ply2pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case
201 208177.5×7.5I cut16ply2pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 30boxes/case
201 2091710×10I cut16ply2pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case