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Vaseline Gauze

Vaseline Gauze

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Vaseline Gauze Description

Vaseline gauze is a fine mesh, absorbent gauze impregnated with Vaseline, designed to provide a moist envrionment for wound. Can be used as primary dressing on the wound, when cover a secondary dressing such as gauze swabs to absorb exudate, the vasaline gauze prevents the secondary dressing adhere to wound site.

Vaseline Gauze Benefits

Non-adherent to the wound site.

Conformable to wound sites.

Effectively maintains the wound moisturizer.

Conforms to all body contours.

Vaseline Gauze Application

Vaseline gauze is designed to provide a moist envrionment for wound and prevent adhere to wound site, ideally for minor burns

Vaseline Gauze Specification

REP NO.Size(cm).Packaging

201 210


50pcs/box, 24boxes/case

202 210


50pcs/box, 24boxes/case

203 210


10pcs/box, 60boxes/case

204 210


10pcs/box, 36boxes/case