Gauze Combine Dressing

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Gauze Combine Dressing

Gauze Combine Dressing

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Gauze Combine Dressing Description

Gauze combine dressing is constructed of 100% cotton and covered with a soft gauze outer layer, absorbs fluid to the center quickly. It is medical dressing gauze that can be uesd for absorbing large amount exudate.

Gauze Combine Dressing Benefits

High absorbency, absorbs fluid to center pad quickly.

Provides superior protection for wound.

Soft and comfortable, low linting.

Gauze Combine Dressing Application

This medical dressing gauze can be used to cover minor cuts.

This medical dressing gauze can be used for acute wound care, absorbs exudate.

Gauze Combine Dressing Specification

REP NO.Spec.Packaging
405 00110x10cm50pcs/pack, 25pks/case
405 00210x20cm50pcs/pack, 20pks/case
405 00320x20cm50pcs/pack, 15pks/case
405 00430x30cm50pcs/pack, 10pks/case
405 00538x40cm5pcs/pack, 10pks/case
Sterile in 1'S, in paper pouch
REP NO.Spec.Packaging
405 00610x10cm1pc/pack, 200pks/case
405 00710x20cm1pc/pack, 150pks/case
405 00820x20cm1pc/pack, 120pks/case
405 00930x30cm1pc/pack, 100pks/case
405 01038x40cm1pc/pack, 60pks/case