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Cotton Dental Roll

Cotton Dental Roll

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Cotton Dental Roll Description

It is white and soft. It is made of 100% natural high-quality cotton through degreasing, bleaching, and processing.

Cotton Dental Roll Advantages

1. It is white and soft, and is made of 100% natural high-quality cotton.

2. No fluorescent agent, non-toxic, non-irritating, non-sensitizing.

3. It is fluffy and comfortable, and has strong water absorption.

4. Highly absorbent and maintain their shape during use.

5. Soft, pliable, non-lining, non-irritating.

6. No cellulose or rayon fibers.

7. Latex and chlorine free.

Cotton Dental Roll Application

It is mainly used for dental compression to stop bleeding.

Ideal for medical/dental use or wipes, stop bleeding, soft, pliable material minimizes soft tissue trauma.

Cotton Dental Roll Specification

Non-sterile Cotton Dental Roll

REF No.Spec.Packaging
409 0010.8x3.8cm50pcs/roll, 40 rolls/box,  12 boxes/case
409 0020.95x3.8cm50pcs/roll, 40 rolls/box,  12 boxes/case
409 0031x3.8cm50pcs/roll, 40 rolls/box,  12 boxes/case
409 0041.2x3.8cm50pcs/roll, 40 rolls/box,  12 boxes/case
Sterile Cotton Dental Roll in 5'S,in blister packing
409 0050.8x3.8cm50pcs/roll, 30 rolls/box,  12 boxes/case
409 0060.95x3.8cm50pcs/roll, 30 rolls/box,  12 boxes/case
409 0071x3.8cm50pcs/roll, 30 rolls/box,  12 boxes/case
409 0081.2x3.8cm50pcs/roll, 30 rolls/box,  12 boxes/case