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Absorbent Pad

Absorbent Pad

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Absorbent Pad Description

It is made of non-woven fabric, absorbent paper, and absorbent cotton, which is soft and comfortable. According to the packaging, it can be divided into ordinary packaging and sterilization packaging.

Absorbent Pad Advantages

1. Non-toxic, non-irritating, non-allergenic.

2. It is fluffy and comfortable, and has strong water absorption.

3. Super absorbent construction.

4. High retention of fluids even under pressure.

5. Sealed edges to prevent leakage.

6. Convenient sterile and non-sterile packaging.

Absorbent Pad Application

Absorbent pad with high absorbent quality is widely used on burn or other draining wounds, Open-airing incontinence management, ICU/CCU patients who should not be disrupted/moved frequently, OR use, and any other area where skin dryness is needed. It can be used for acute wound care, absorbing exudate, and so on.

Absorbent Pad Specification

REF NO.Spec.Packaging
404 00110x10cm25pcs/pack,40pks/case
404 00210x20cm25pcs/pack,24pks/case
404 00310x30cm25pcs/pack,20pks/case
404 00420x20cm25pcs/pack,20pks/case
404 00520x40cm25pcs/pack,4pks/case
Sterile in 1's, in paper pouch
REF NO.Spec.Packaging
404 00610x10cm1pc/pack,50pks/box, 12boxes/case
404 00710x20cm1pc/pack,50pks/box, 8boxes/case
404 00810x30cm1pc/pack,50pks/box, 6boxes/case
404 00920x20cm1pc/pack,50pks/box, 4boxes/case
404 01020x40cm1pc/pack,50pks/box, 4boxes/case