Hydrocolloid Dressing

Hydrocolloid Dressing

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Hydrocolloid dressing is a wafer type of dressing that contains gel-forming agents in an adhesive compound laminated onto a flexible, water-resistant outer layer. Hydrocolloid dressing is a wound dressing designed for a wide range of lightly to moderate exuding wounds, such as pressure ulcer (stage I and II), leg venous ulcer, first and second degree burns, skin grafts and donor site, post-operative and traumatic wounds. It also can be used on cavity wounds when used as a secondary dressing.




Applicable Population

For patients with acute abrasions, pressure ulcers and burns, arteriovenous ulcer wounds.


For mild to moderate exudate wounds, such as pressure ulcer, arteriovenous ulcers, burns, skin grafts and donor sites, postoperative trauma, etc


Absorbs exudates and forms a gel, the gel block character minimizes pain and discomfort when removing.

Maintains moist environment, facilitate healing process and helps to reduce scar.

Bacterial barrier and waterproof, protects wounds against external contamination.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, with or without adhesive border, fits wounds in different area.


Hydrocolloid dressing is indicated for the lightly to moderate exuding wounds, for example

First and second degree Pressure ulcer

Leg venous ulcer

First and second degree burns

Skin grafts and donor site

Post-operative and traumatic wounds


REF NO.Spec.Packaging
622 001Three-Layer: 1. Undercast Padding 10cmx3.5m; 2. Conforming Bandage 10cmx2.9m; 3. Latec Free Cotton Cohesive Flexible Bandage 10cmx2.5m;3rolls/box, 8boxes/case
622 002Four-Layer: 1.Undercast padding 10cmx3.5m; 2. Conforming Bandage 10cmx2.9m; 3. Light Compression Bandage 10×2.9m; 4. Latec Free Cotton Cohesive Flexible Bandage 10cmx2.5m4rolls/box, 8boxes/case

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