Winner Medical Escorts the Ice and Snow Arena

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Winner Medical Escorts the Ice and Snow Arena


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Winner Medical Escorts the Ice and Snow Arena 10022

Winner Medical Escorts the Ice and Snow ArenaEvent

There are 18 days left before the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics on February 4. Athletes from all over the world will compete in the ice and snow arena to show their sportsmanship. According to the requirements of the "Epidemic Prevention Manual" of the Winter Olympics, this event will carry out strict epidemic prevention management, and make full-process requirements for the epidemic prevention of Olympic-related personnel at home and abroad, including vaccination, remote management of entry and departure, closed-loop management, health monitoring, nucleic acid detection, etc. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the event, the organizers, athletes, medical staff, volunteers, and other personnel with different positions and responsibilities are united and ready to face the challenge.

Athletes on the ice and snowfield are preparing for the battle, and Winner Medical is fully escorting them.

Dozens of special freight vehicles loaded with medical and epidemic prevention materials such as medical-surgical masks, and protective clothing have departed from Shenzhen and Hubei to Beijing and Zhangjiakou. At that time, Winner Medical's medical and epidemic prevention materials will appear in the speed skating hall in the Beijing competition area, the medical security team in the Zhangjiakou competition area, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, and Beijing closed-loop management personnel and other areas and venues. People participating in the event together build a reliable health barrier to lower the risk of virus transmission.

Winner Medical has always implemented an independent operating model of the entire production chain and has always guaranteed the timeliness and high quality of product supply in different periods. At the same time, Winner Medical has always advocated and carried forward the sports culture, and vigorously promoted sports and fitness both inside and outside the company. We believe that having a strong body leads to a better healthy life.

Winner Medical fully participates in the epidemic prevention of the ice and snow arena to provide protection for the relevant personnel. We look forward to all the athletes of the Winter Olympic Games showing a positive demeanor in the competition, and cheering for everyone who is struggling in their own life!

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