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Winner Medical: Innovation-Integrated Silicone Dressings


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Winner Medical: Innovation-Integrated Silicone DressingsEvent

When caring for wounds, a balance of dryness and humidity must be maintained, not too dry and not too humid. Because excessive dryness will keratinize, epidermal cells will not be able to grow up, making it easy for epidermal healing to stagnate and for gauze to stick and get stuck on the wound, making it difficult to change medication. However, too much moisture will cause too much fluid to flow out, resulting in wound erosion. It is necessary to maintain a moderate balance of moisture and dryness to keep the epidermal cells active and gradually heal in the center of the wound, which can be easily removed during medication changes. Winner Medical's silicone border foam dressing is the best dressing for wound moisture management, providing an ideal external environment for wound growth.


Factors in dressing selection

Traditional gauze, for example, does not have a moisture retention function and can easily dry out and stick to the wound, making it more difficult to change medication. If you can use silicone border foam dressing to cover the wound, it will not adhere to the epidermal cells and will be painless to remove. Generally speaking, the smoother the wound heals, the better the chance of flattening it. Using Winner Medical's high-quality silicone border foam dressing will protect the wound from healing and allow the epidermal cells to move more quickly, resulting in a less visible scar after the wound has healed.

Treatment of difficult wounds

Wounds in the lower extremities are prone to infection and poor blood circulation and require high-end dressings to assist in treatment. If the wound is repeatedly inflamed and the healing process is delayed for a long time, the scar will easily become pitted.

Therefore, the first key to wound care is to control the infection and shorten the inflammation period, so that the epidermal cells of the wound can proliferate as soon as possible and the red, painful, and hard scars can slowly mature and soften and fade. The wound will grow there, which will also affect the difficulty of healing. For example, in a healthy person with good blood circulation, as long as the wound is properly cleared, the chance of infection is much lower than in a foot with poor peripheral circulation and poor hygiene.

However, patients with poorly controlled diabetes, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, cirrhosis of the liver, and often poor white blood cell function, even if the wound is on the head and neck, still need to be aware of the possibility of infection and inflammation, and the wound will not heal easily.

Winner Medical's high-end dressings can assist in the normal recovery of these difficult wounds. winner Medical uses an innovative composite material complemented by a high-quality silicone foam material that provides a stable external environment for the wound. This is very important for difficult wounds.

Winner Medical's innovative products are sure to provide an efficient solution for the care of difficult wounds.

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