To Be Safe and Sound: Protective Gown Made by Winner Medical

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To Be Safe and Sound: Protective Gown Made by Winner Medical


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To Be Safe and Sound: Protective Gown Made by Winner Medical 10215

To Be Safe and Sound: Protective Gown Made by Winner MedicalEvent

After the global pandemic that began in 2020, people are becoming aware of the importance of high-quality protective gear. As the most widely used item of protective gear, protective gowns provide isolation from fluids and germs for workers in a variety of industries and are important for safety and health at work. Winner Medical, a leading manufacturer of medical products, produces high-quality protective gowns for use in a variety of industries.


Winner Medical not only produces medical protective gowns in the traditional sense of isolating germs, but their products also include protective gowns for the specific needs of people in different positions in hospitals.

High-Quality Medical Protective Gown

Winner Medical manufactures medical chemical protective gowns: In hospitals, the testing department often needs to protect the medical staff from occupational exposure by having access to the samples to be tested under strict protection. This is especially true when testing samples of human blood, secretions, etc., which require proper protective gear.

Winner Medical's medical chemical protective gowns provide a high level of protection for healthcare workers who handle hazardous medical substances, protecting them from dangerous or corrosive substances. Winner Medical produces these gowns to the highest standards, in addition to strict requirements for isolation and chemical resistance of the garment material, as well as tighter sealing and seam design.

Winner Medical also produces medical electromagnetic radiation protective gown: Medical electromagnetic radiation protective gown is a kind of protective gown that can be implanted with conductive fibers in the fabric material. The protective gown does not generate static electricity, and at the same time, the medical electromagnetic radiation protective gown blocks electromagnetic waves from 100 kHz to 300 GHz. It is mainly used by the operators of electronic medical equipment systems in hospitals. Wearing such a protective gown, while ensuring protection against germ infection, protects medical personnel from receiving excessive radiation generated by the hospital's highly sophisticated equipment.

Premium Production

Winner Medical's production technology is one of the best in the industry.

First of all, Winner Medical's raw materials are of high quality and the raw material processing is advanced; Winner Medical uses high-quality American cotton, which is widely considered to be the preferred raw material for the production of medical supplies. Secondly, Winner Medical takes the core of production into their own hands, they have a highly automated, well-built, high-level factory, and the sterility level of the factory meets international standards.

These advanced production conditions and technologies enable Winner Medical's products to have a reassuring quality. Check for detailed information at the official site of Winner Medical.

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