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Technology Promotes A Healthy Life: Winner Medical Products


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Technology Promotes A Healthy Life: Winner Medical Products 10166

Technology Promotes A Healthy Life: Winner Medical ProductsEvent

Some patients have very serious wound ooze. If the wound is exposed to the air, the smell of this wound exudate will not only make the patient himself feel uncomfortable but also make other patients or family members around him feel uncomfortable. This will affect the patient's life experience and quality of life. Winner Medical is well aware of this pain point and is committed to producing high-end dressings, including silicone border foam dressing.


What types of wound exudate are there?

Wound exudate is common in more than grade II pressure sores, burns, venous ulcers, diabetic foot, and other serious wounds. These wounds produce constant exudate, which usually appears as a dark yellow, cloudy, bloody, or purulent fluid. Without external intervention, such wounds not only fail to heal naturally but also impregnate the surrounding skin and harbor bacteria that further amplify the wound's deterioration.

Wound exudate is caused by a variety of reasons, the most common is due to poor drainage of the wound drainage tube, exudate from around the mouth of the tube; or poor wound healing, exudate from the wound or around the drainage tube; other also due to changes in the patient's condition, postoperative complications caused by the patient's abdominal wounds continue to exude fluid.

What is the correct way to deal with wound exudate?

In the past, when faced with wound exudate, most medical institutions have passively adopted the method of changing medication when there is an exudate. This not only increased the discomfort of patients but also increased the workload of nurses. In addition, when changing medication, the constant taping and tearing off of the adhesive tape may also cause new injuries to the patient's skin, and serious skin lacerations-adverse nursing events may occur.

In response to this series of difficult wound problems, Winner Medical's silicone border foam dressing is a soft and fluffy dressing that provides all-around gentle protection for wounds. As a high-end medical device, these dressings are safe and reliable, enhancing the patient's experience as well as their use.

Keeps external contamination away from the wound

The outermost waterproof layer of the dressing adopts the national invention patent technology - polyurethane was a waterproof membrane, which can effectively isolate the external liquid and prevent the wound from being contaminated; it provides a clean and stable healing environment for the wound to heal.

As Winner Medical is specialized in manufacturing silicone border foam dressing, visit their official website to get further information about their high-quality products.

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