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Quality Particulate Respirator Made by Winner Medical


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Quality Particulate Respirator Made by Winner MedicalEvent

High-quality particulate respirators are capable of blocking the vast majority of airborne particles as well as aerosol-borne viruses and bacteria. In addition, particulate respirators should protect against splashes of liquids, and Winner Medical's particulate respirators are manufactured using high-quality raw materials combined with high-quality designs that have been proven to be effective in clinical use in medical facilities.


Reason for Choosing Particulate Respirators

Respiratory protection is personal protective equipment that prevents harm to the human body when oxygen-deficient air and toxic and harmful substances are inhaled into the respiratory organs. In individual protection, respiratory protection is in the core position. Generally speaking, the higher the respirator level, the worse its respiratory performance will be, and the higher the protection level will be. In most infectious disease disposal sites, the higher the respirator level is, the better, which can easily lead to asphyxiation and breathing difficulties. Particulate respirators are the first choice for all types of people during the disposal of infectious diseases. They are a kind of filter respirator, with a relatively high filtration efficiency and are relatively simple to wear, while they have the appearance of little difference from ordinary surgical masks, so it is less likely to trigger the panic of the crowd.

Benefits of Winner Medical's Medical Particulate Respirators

First of all, Winner Medical produces particulate respirators that comply with the GB 19083 standard. Manufactured to high standards, Winner Medical's products guarantee a higher level of protection.

Secondly, Winner Medical has enhanced the surface layer of the particulate respirator to improve the overall protection against liquid splashes.

The third point, Winner Medical's particulate respirator adopts a trapezoidal shape design, making the respirator spacious and comfortable without sacrificing protection performance.

The fourth and most important point is that Winner Medical has mastered the art of fused cloth production and has automated production in several of its factories located in four regions throughout China. The microfiber filter layer of fused cloth enhances the filtration of air particles while allowing more air to pass through, which will ensure that the wearer can breathe well.

About Winner Medical

Winner Medical is an expert in the manufacture of not only particulate respirators but also other medical supplies, which are recognized worldwide for their high quality and top manufacturing standards.

Winner Medical's production efficiency is also remarkable, as a top manufacturer of medical supplies from China, they strive to improve the level of automation in production to enhance production efficiency and shorten the shipment cycle. All of this is done without sacrificing product quality, and Winner Medical strives to deliver products quickly and well.

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