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Winner Medical Manufactured High-End Particulate Respirator


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Winner Medical Manufactured High-End Particulate RespiratorEvent

A particulate respirator is a vital piece of protective equipment for the medical industry. Like surgical gowns, they block the spread of viruses and bacteria through blood and aerosols, and Winner Medical, a leading manufacturer of medical disposables, is committed to producing high-quality, reliable particulate respirators for healthcare facilities.


The Concept of Choosing Particulate Respirators

Filtering Efficiency: The percentage of airborne particles filtered by the mask under specified conditions. The higher the filtering efficiency, the better the protective effect of the mask. The size of particulate matter depends on the standard.

Resistance to Penetration by Synthetic Blood: When blood is sprayed into the mask at a specific pressure, whether or not there is penetration on the inside of the mask. The pressure depends on the standard. The unit of this item is mmHg, to simulate human blood pressure, the test value is generally 80, 120, and 160. this test can reflect the mask's ability to protect against liquid spray.

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) refers to the percentage of the ability of the mask cover to filter out bacteria-containing particles under the specified conditions, which, in other words, is the blocking effect of the mask material on the bacteria that the wearer is exposed to.

Particulate Filtration Efficiency (PFE) detects the percentage of micro-particle filtering ability of the mask hood, the larger the value, the better the effect of filtering suspended particles in the air (such as bacteria, viruses, dust, welding fumes, etc.).

Winner Medical produces particulate respirators that are optimized for specific application scenarios and feature both PFE and BFE of more than 95%, which means that Winner Medical produces particulate respirators with exceptional protection performance.

The BFE index is mainly used for testing medical surgical masks and disposable medical masks to protect against larger particles such as saliva, blood spurts, droplets, and the bacteria or viruses they contain in general medical environments. The high BFE of Winner Medical products demonstrates that Winner Medical's particulate respirators block many droplets exhaled by the wearer, reducing the probability of two-way transmission.

Only after the mask contains a layer of qualified filter media, it can have good filtration efficiency. Whether the filter media is qualified or not, the focus should be on two key indicators, BFE and PFE. There are a lot of dust, bacteria, and viruses in the air, a healthy person wearing a mask with qualified BFE and PFE is like setting a barrier to the respiratory tract, thus effectively reducing the risk of contracting infectious diseases.

Winner Medical's products have standardized test results and are manufactured with high-quality raw materials, making them the perfect choice for medical protection.

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