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Perfect Choice for High-End Wound Care


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Perfect Choice for High-End Wound CareEvent

Traditional gauze and breathable tape do not have any moisturizing function, and although they are easy to obtain, they stick to the wound after drying, especially for large wounds, which can easily cause allergy or infection problems. The most common type of wounds as those caused by burns. What is more dangerous is that changing the dressing incorrectly can pull up the new skin tissue and cause secondary damage, which in addition to being painful, makes the wound even more difficult to heal. Winner Medical's silicone border dressing is a perfect solution to the risk of secondary wound injury from traditional dressings and is the product of choice for high-end wound care.


How to manage a high exudative wound?

Tissue exudate occurs when a wound is injured, and many think that the more dry the area around the wound is, the faster the exudate can be reduced and the wound can heal. However, it is regarded as totally wrong. If the exudate dries and sticks to the dressing, it will easily cause infection. The large amount of exudate produced at the beginning of a burn or scrape can be a nuisance when dressings have to be changed frequently, so choose Winner Medical’s silicone border dressing as a dressing to protect the wound from absorption and to protect the healing process.

A can of iodine can handle wound care?

Many people think of using hydrogen peroxide or iodine to rinse wounds to reduce bacterial infections.

This will harm the wound growth ability of the skin and destroy the growth of granulation. The correct way is to wash the wound with salt water and then apply a silicone border dressing to keep the wound moist and prevent bacteria and secondary infections.


As long as traditional gauze was used as a dressing when the injury occurred, the memory of having to change the medication several times a day and having to face the stickiness, pulling, and pain of the wound again each time the medication was changed must be still fresh in your mind. In fact, in the field of trauma care, with the development of various trauma dressings, it is possible to use different dressings, such as Winner Medical's silicone border dressing, to reduce the number of dressing changes and pain, and to protect the wound from healing. Seek detailed information about Winner Medical’s high-quality products at their official website.

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