Winner Medical's Silicone Dressings with Innovative Features

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Winner Medical's Silicone Dressings with Innovative Features


ByWinner Medical

Winner Medical's Silicone Dressings with Innovative Features 10200

Winner Medical's Silicone Dressings with Innovative FeaturesEvent

Winner Medical's foam dressing wound products are of the highest quality, the most advanced, and technically inventive in their field. It solves the problems that are caused by conventional dressings and has the added benefit of facilitating wound recovery in a manner that is compatible with the majority of medical applications. Examine the specifics of their situation.


The silicone foam dressing with a border that is offered by Winner Medical features a gentle polysilicone contact layer that has been bonded to the backing's framework. Because of its properties, the soft polysilicone contact layer can be applied without sticking to the wound, which makes it simpler for medical practitioners to switch drugs and prevent further injuries. At the same time, it brings about a significant alleviation of the patient's discomfort.

Specifications of the Goods

A highly absorbent silicone foam dressing with a border, the dressing makes use of cutting-edge foam technology and possesses a powerful exudate absorption capacity, having the ability to absorb up to 18 times its weight in exudate. The unique structure of the foam can hold up to five times its weight in exudate within the product after it has absorbed it, and it can continue to function correctly even when subjected to pressure from the outside.

When applied to dry skin or sensitive skin, the cutting-edge hypoallergenic adhesive material that Winner Medical uses may be peeled off without irritating and yet offer a high level of protection. Because it does not stick to the moist wound surface, it reduces the amount of trauma that occurs to the wound surface and the amount of discomfort experienced when changing dressings. After absorbing exudate, the absorbent layer foam pad will rapidly swell and protrude, which will make the dressing fit the wound more closely, eliminating exudate residue, as well as the risk of maceration and infection occurring.

Balance Between Softness and Firmness

The application of cutting-edge silicone technology creates a product that strikes the ideal balance between firmness and softness. As a result, this product is an outstanding option for wound treatment and pressure ulcer treatment.


The silicone foam dressing with a border offered by Winner Medical effectively alleviates the discomfort associated with changing dressings. In addition, the dressing is offered in several different sizes and configurations so that it can cater to a wide range of clinical requirements. To obtain additional details, visit the Winner Medical website.

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