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Winner Medical – High-Quality Medical Solutions


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Winner Medical is well known for producing high-quality disposable medical supplies. And their achievements in wound dressings are quite impressive. Their professional research and development team has high technical strength in wound dressings, so their wound dressings are of high quality and practicality, and are favored by emergency rooms and operation rooms all over the world.


Winner Medical produces advanced wound dressings with excellent absorbency, stretchability, and breathability. The dressing is ideal for use in the emergency room to treat a patient's primary wound to prevent deterioration. The high quality of Winner Medical products also facilitates the work of healthcare professionals, allowing them to focus on providing higher quality, more efficient care.

Raw Material Advantage

Winner Medical chooses cotton suppliers carefully to guarantee the uniform and excellent quality of raw materials of products at the source and also keeps strict control over the qualifications of suppliers to ensure that the quality of goods is maintained over a long period. Wound dressing is made of high-quality cotton, which is pure in color and soft in touch, long in fiber, and free of foreign fiber impurities, and meets the relevant requirements of YY0331 and EN14079. The applied cotton is widely recognized as one of the world's high-quality cotton varieties.

Environmental Advantages

Winner Medical pays a great deal of attention to the modernization of the clean and sterile processing factory and spends a lot of money to introduce imported equipment and build a first-class automatic production workshop that meets international standards. The wound dressing is manufactured according to the GMP standard, and the environment is clean and sterile, with a clean environment of 100,000 levels. The medical products are all sterile to ensure the safety of the use the products.

Production advantages

The production of raw materials for medical disposables is carried out with advanced large-scale imported industry-grade equipment; Winner Medical has advanced equipment in the same class in the industry and does not need to rely on third-party factories to process raw materials, but uses its equipment for processing to ensure that high-quality raw materials are directly used in the production of products, avoiding that the raw materials are damaged in transit. The production of wound dressing is an automatic process, and the production process is integrated to ensure that the quality of the product can be controlled.

Voice from Winner Medical

The vision of Winner Medical is to "take care of health, care for life, and make life better", and Winner Medical insists on a rigorous and serious attitude to provide the best quality products and services for medical care units and medical institutions.

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