What is a Sterile Gown and Why is It Important?

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What is a Sterile Gown and Why is It Important?


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What is a Sterile Gown and Why is It Important? 1566

What is a Sterile Gown and Why is It Important?

Surgical procedures are often performed when a patient presents a condition that requires a medical intervention other than medication, physical therapy, and rest. Around 1.5 million surgical procedures are performed in the United States every year. The global count for surgeries increased to 313 million [1], which includes both surgical and cosmetic procedures. During the surgical process, staff in the room need to wear a sterile gown. In this post, we look at what a sterile gown is and the important role it plays in the surgery room.

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The Role of a Sterile Gown

A sterile gown refers to a disposable piece that is worn above the regular clothes that staff wear when they enter the surgical room. During a surgical procedure, hygiene is of utmost importance [2]. The transference of both microorganisms and body fluids needs to be prevented. This helps to keep both the staff and the patient safe when a surgical procedure is being conducted. Disposable surgical gowns help to provide this type of protection that everyone in the area requires.

Many sterile gowns are treated with special chemicals on the exterior to help prevent the attachment of bacteria that could pose a hygiene problem for the surgeon and other staff members who provide assistance during the procedure.


Winner Medical Sterile Gowns

There are several manufacturers that offer surgical gowns to help provide protection throughout a medical procedure. Winner Medical is highly experienced in the development of these gowns and focuses on providing top-quality items for medical facilities. The surgical gown manufacturer offers a number of advantages with the gowns that it manufactures, including:

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There is a wide selection of sterile gowns that helps to ensure the needs of the customer are effectively met. This allows a medical facility to consider the level of protection required and choose an appropriate gown.

All of the sterile gown options provide effective resistance against both alcohol and body fluids.

The durability and efficacy of these gowns make them appropriate for procedures that take longer to complete.

All of the sterile gown options offered by Winner Medical are fully compliant with the EN 13795 regulations. This means these gowns provide exceptional protective performance.

Apart from providing protection, the gowns are breathable and soft to the touch. This helps to ensure medical staff does not feel uncomfortable when they wear a sterile gown during a procedure in the surgery room. This is an important element as it helps to prevent distractions while the surgeon is performing a specific operation.

Simplicity is a key factor in the design of sterile gowns by this manufacturer. This makes the gowns easier to use for medical staff and ensures the changing process is quick.

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The design of the sterile gown selection from Winner Medical effectively prevents the spread of microorganisms from staff members to open wounds on the patient. The efficient design of these gowns also makes them highly effective at ensuring microorganisms present in the patient do not transfer to the surgeon, nurses, and other staff that are in the surgery room. This can help to cultivate a superior level of hygiene in the area, which helps to provide peace of mind to the patient who requires a surgical procedure.



Winner Medical has been providing professional medical supplies for more than a decade. The company prides itself in delivering pre-treated sterile gowns that are able to provide protection for both patients and medical staff. Other solutions offered by Winner Medical also include wound dressing equipment, home care options, and infection prevention solutions. Contact us to help you get a hold of important medical supplies to provide a more hygienic solution in your surgery room and medical practice.

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