Sterile Surgical Gown vs. Patient Gown: What is the Difference?

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Sterile Surgical Gown vs. Patient Gown: What is the Difference?


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Sterile Surgical Gown vs. Patient Gown: What is the Difference? 1053

Sterile Surgical Gown vs. Patient Gown: What is the Difference?

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The healthcare world is replenished with endless ailments and infections that may bide with healthcare workers. To be guarded against these infectious risks, healthcare workers must take precautions. One of the most effective preventive methods is wearing a Sterile Surgical Gown. The surgical team wears a Sterile Surgical Gown in the operating room during an operation. This surgical gown holds its protective and impermeable ability because of the tightly woven fabric, reducing the chances of a bacterial infection, and is furthermore water resistant. Moreover, these surgical gowns also possess the potential to provide protection that goes with Level III protection standards. 

Whereas patient gowns are apparel for patients undergoing surgery or examinations. This gown allows the staff to identify the patient apart from other members. These disposable surgical gowns can only be used once to act as a one-time barrier protecting the patient from various infections. Moreover, a patient gown enables the patients to go through the procedure in comfort. 


Comparison Between Sterile Surgical Gown and Patient Gown

The main difference between surgical gowns and isolation gowns used by patients is the critical protection zone. The critical area is the area on the wearer's and patient's body that is most likely to transmit disease or harmful pathogenic microorganisms during the procedure. At the same time, surgical gowns offer a much higher level of protection than isolation gowns.


The Targeted Persons

Both of these gowns target different people respectively.

  • Sterile Surgical Gown:

The healthcare panel comprising doctors, surgeons, and even nurses wear these surgical gowns. These gowns act as a barrier to fluids and microorganisms that may cause further infection.


  • Patient Gown:

All kinds of patients present in the hospitals wear this isolation gown. This makes it easy for the healthcare crew to identify the patients and provide them with medical assistance accordingly without any hindrance.


Type and Standard

The standard set for both gowns in the US is ANSI/AAMI PB70, and in Europe is EN-13795. These standards are responsible for enacting the ability of the gown to provide a barrier of safety to patients and Healthcare staff against infections.

  • Sterile Surgical Gown

The Sterile Surgical Gown is a class II medical device FDA Approved gown that embeds the potential to protect the patients and surgical staff from the penetration of infectious viruses and liquids. These heavy-duty gowns are obligatory from IV and transfusion rooms to surgical wards and are designated to provide level 3 and level 4 protection.

  • Patient Gown

This gown is also a Class II medical device that provides a minimal barrier of protection. They provide the least protection of level 2 defense but can also be used in level 1 cases. These gowns can be used in all the primary care units in the hospital for small medical services.


Critical Protection Zone

These areas are open to the transmission of harmful viruses and infections and must provide defense against them.


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  • Sterile Surgical Gown

The Sterile Surgical Gown comprises areas A and B as critical protection areas. Since these areas might be in direct contact with maliciously infectious materials and liquids, thus, they are required to be sterilized and have a barrier of defense of the minimal level 1. Patient Gown

The critical zones may include A, B, C, and seams. These parts must comprise minimum level 1 protection for safety insurance.


Strength of Sterile Surgical Gowns

A Sterile Surgical Gown prevents the spread of infectious diseases in invasive wards. The sterile surgical gown usually provides more defense against the pathogenic environment and keeps the healthcare worker and the patient safe. Winner Medical is a surgical gown manufacturer that provides Sterile Surgical Gowns that protect the patient and surgeon from the high chances of contamination and provide a higher barrier against infection.

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Medical gowns can be selected according to the case and situation in the medical care unit. For high-quality medical equipment with the utmost quality and protection, visit Winner Medical. We have validated its authenticity by serving countless hospitals, healthcare workers, and patients. So, trust us for your safety and order today.

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