What Instruments Are Included in the Angiography Pack?

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What Instruments Are Included in the Angiography Pack?


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What Instruments Are Included in the Angiography Pack? 11690

What Instruments Are Included in the Angiography Pack?Event

1. Product features of the angiography pack

The angiography pack is sterilized by ethylene oxide. The instrument wrapper and surgical drape are made of new non-woven fabrics, which are lightweight, soft and comfortable, which can effectively block the penetration of liquid and bacteria and prevent cross-infection; various components are combined together and the operation is convenient; the wrapping adopts scientific folding wrapping method, which is easy to operate and can effectively block.

The main material adopts a reinforced design, using double-layer hydrophilic composite materials and SMMS non-woven fabrics. The double-layer hydrophilic composite material is mainly composed of PE cast film and hydrophilic non-woven fabric through a special process. It has anti-alcohol, anti-blood and anti-oil properties. The fabric is light weight, soft and comfortable, dense material, low flocculation, not easy to reflect light, effectively blocking microorganisms and bacteria, and can effectively prevent cross-infection.

The angiography pack is designed for interventional treatment and angiographic diagnostic surgery, using high-performance non-woven fabrics. The angiography package is designed according to the opening corresponding to the introduction site and the reinforced material around the opening. It is equipped with equipment protection cover, basin, bowl, measuring cup and other configurations to fully meet the needs of surgery; the main material is made of high-performance composite material, which is opened according to the angiography operation. Hole, can meet the operation of the surgical site. The opening part used in the operation is designed with a curtain to avoid cross-infection, and the key parts are added with absorbent materials to absorb the liquid during the operation. The transparent film on the side of the hole towel or the supporting equipment protection cover can cover the keyboard, handpiece and other interventional instruments, establish Sterile barrier and convenient operation at the same time.

2. What instruments are included in the angiography pack?

(1) Surgical hole towel: used to cover the non-surgical area and expose the surgical surface. The medical surgical film is used around the hole, which is fixed around the surgical incision. It is not easy to move and does not compress the limbs. It has a liquid collecting bag to facilitate the collection of liquid during the operation.

(2) Treatment towel: used for dressing change, treatment, and ward liner to prevent cross-infection.

(3) Surgical gown: SMMS surgical gowns are reinforced and new surgical gowns. When medical staff wear it during operation, SMMS surgical gowns can effectively resist static electricity, alcohol and blood.

(4) Mask: It is used for oral protection of medical staff and plays a role of isolation and protection.

(5) Hats: 3 pieces, used for head protection of medical staff or patients.

(6) Gauze block: used for hemostasis, pressing, and aspiration during surgery.

(7) Gauze bandage tape: The gauze bandage tape is mainly used to wrap wounds and prevent wound infection.

(8) Rubber surgical gloves: 3 pairs, to protect the skin of the operator from injury and infection, and to prevent the body of the operator from being infiltrated by the bacteria and dirt carried by the operator.

(9) Device protection cover: protect medical devices from contamination.

(10) Tweezers: used to clamp detoxification cotton balls.

(11) Wrapping cloth: It is used to wrap the accessories in the surgical bag. After the surgical bag is opened, it can be used as an instrument tablecloth.

(12) Long basin: used to hold surgical instruments.

(13) Curved plate: holds small surgical instruments during surgery.

(14) Measuring cup: used to prepare liquid medicine.

(15) Small bowl: 1 piece, small basin: 1 piece, plastic clip: 4 pieces, scissors: 1 piece, plastic handle scalpel: 1 piece, syringe: 1 piece of 5ml, 1 piece of 10ml, 1 piece of 20ml .

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