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Applications of the Cotton Tissue


ByWinner Medical

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Applications of the Cotton TissueEvent

Tissue is the most common item in life. It can be used not only to wipe the mouth and other parts of the body, but also to remove makeup and wipe the table. There are many types of paper towels, and cotton tissue is also one of them.

Winner cotton tissue is a cotton towel made of 100% pure natural cotton. It is produced in a professional cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric process and then processed by high-pressure steam sterilization. It has the characteristics of softness and fineness, good water absorption and no chipping. It is a new environmentally friendly product to replace paper towels, makeup remover cotton and face towels.

1. Correct use of cotton tissue

Usually, towels that are reused for a long time are prone to produce a large number of mites, which will make the skin rougher and expand the skin pores. The cotton tissue has good water absorption capacity and has an aseptic treatment. First, we use warm water to moisten it. Wet your face, then wash your face with a facial cleanser, and finally wipe it with cotton tissue. You can also wash the cotton tissue, dry it and use it again next time. It can also be used to remove makeup, wipe hands, and wipe butt for babies.

2. The role of cotton tissue

(1) Babycare

Babies' skin is more sensitive, and the usual texture of paper towels is a bit rough, which can hurt the baby's skin. Some wet paper towels contain unhealthy ingredients. The composition of cotton tissue is relatively single, so it is safer.

(2) Wash face

Washing your face with towels is indeed very prone to create bacteria. Winner cotton tissue is not easy to have bacteria. One sheet at a time, clean and hygienic, and can be recycled after drying.

(3) Remove makeup

Some makeup remover cotton of poor quality will create a lot of small crumbs when removing makeup, and it takes a lot of water to remove makeup. It is not easy for cotton tissue. One-piece can remove the whole face, and it is not easy to get scumming.

(4) Menstrual period nursing

The menstrual period is the most painful process for girls. After washing hands in the bathroom, you can wipe your hands with cotton tissue soaked in water. If you are at home, you can use warm water to moisten them.

(5) Easy to take

There are many things to bring for travel, such as tissue, towels, makeup remover cotton, etc. At this time, it is much more convenient to replace these with facial cotton tissue.

(6) Reuse as a rag

It's best not to throw away the cotton tissue after washing your face and hands. It can be reused to wipe the table, shoes, and hood.

(7) Use as kitchen napkins and oil-absorbing towels

In the process of making fried food, cotton tissue can be used as oil-absorbing paper and the effect is good.

The above is the content that Winner Medical shared today. We hope it will be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more about this industry, you can leave us a message. We will continuously update the content about the tissue industry and hope you will follow us.

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