What Are the Advantages of Using Disposable Surgery Kits?

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What Are the Advantages of Using Disposable Surgery Kits?


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What Are the Advantages of Using Disposable Surgery Kits? 11219

What Are the Advantages of Using Disposable Surgery Kits?Event

Disposable surgery kits have been used very well in the clinic. In the face of operations where every second counts, medical personnel need to face the urgency of time. Therefore, it is very necessary to make quick preliminary preparations to improve the efficiency of the operation. At the same time, in the face of rising medical expenses, hospitals need to consider how to strike an effective balance between high-quality products and cost pressures. In this case, time-saving and efficient surgical kits came into being.

1. Preparation of disposable surgery kits

Regardless of whether it is disinfected or not, surgical instruments and linens must be cleaned. Disposable surgery kits should be cleaned with hands or ultrasonic cleaners as far as possible after the operation of instruments and linen products. Items that are sterilized by high-pressure steam or other methods (such as ethylene oxide) must be packaged in a special way. Packing is to strengthen the sterilization effect and the storage of sterile items.

When the disposable surgical package is sterilized with steam or gas, special guidelines should be followed in order to ensure greater gas penetration. The package used for steam sterilization is wrapped by two thick layers of soft cotton cloth or non-knitted (ie paper) material before sterilization. The package should be covered with waterproof and heat-insulating materials. If it is used within 24 hours after sterilization, it is not necessary. Small items can be wrapped in sealable heat-insulating paper or plastic bags. When gas sterilization is used, it is packaged with a sealable heat-insulating plastic bag, tube or cotton cloth. When using plasma for sterilization, it should be wrapped in a sealed, heat-insulated extra-strength polyester film bag or polypropylene bag.

2. Advantages of disposable surgery kits

(1) Time-saving and high-efficiency disposable surgical kits prepare all the products frequently used in the operation in a centralized manner, so as to reduce the preparation time of medical staff.

(2) Safe and reliable. All products are disposable products and strictly comply with relevant domestic and foreign quality standards. The entire product production process, from raw materials to finished product assembly, is completed in the purification workshop. Strictly controlled disinfection ensures product safety.

(3) Cost saving. Concentrating the conventional products required for surgery in one surgical bag is more cost-saving than buying one product separately.

(4) Professional design, robust and professional development team according to the surgical characteristics of various parts of the human body, design suitable component configuration.

(5) Personalized customization We provide surgical gowns of various materials, surgical drapes specially designed for a certain operation, and various medical dressings to meet the needs of various types of operations.

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