Introduction of Medical Cotton Buds

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Introduction of Medical Cotton Buds


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Introduction of Medical Cotton BudsEvent

Nowadays, if we get sick and go to the hospital, hospitals will often  medical alcohol swabs. Today Winner Medical will introduce the characteristics and performance of medical cotton buds for you, so that you can get to know of this product.

The main component of medical alcohol is ethanol. In daily life, it is common for some people to clean their wounds with medical alcohol to sterilize. The reason why 75% alcohol can be used to disinfect is that it has a great penetration ability, which can penetrate into the bacteria, coagulate the bacterial protein, thereby killing it. If the concentration of alcohol is too high, it will coagulate the protein on the surface of the bacteria, forming a dura mater. This dura mater has a protective effect on bacteria and prevents further penetration of alcohol. Therefore, the disinfecting effect of alcohol with high concentration is not as good as that of dilute alcohol.

1. Applications of medical cotton buds

(1) Cotton tipped swabs are used to disinfect and sterilize superficial skin wounds such as small skin damage, abrasions, cuts, and scalds.

(2) Skin disinfection before injection and transfusion.

2. Precautions for using medical cotton buds

(1) Push the end of the cotton tipped swabs with the color ring upwards along with the plastic film.

(2) After pulling out the cotton tipped swabs, move the end with the color ring up, and hold the upper end of the cotton swab with one hand.

(3) The other hand breaks the swab along the color ring.

(4) When the liquid reaches half of the tube, cotton tipped swabs can be turned over and used.

Winner Medical Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of disposable wound care and surgical products in China. Since 1991, we have been committed to the production, development and sales of cotton-based medical dressings and medical disposable products, as well as consumer products under our own brand: PurCotton.

Winner Medical Co., Ltd. is the first company to have a complete product line in the disposable medical product market. These products are registered with the FDA and many ISO certifications. According to the pharmacopoeia regulations of the European Union, the United States, Japan and China, our products have quickly become industry benchmarks.

Due to our solid leading position in China, we strive to pay more attention to our reputation and continue to build our brand. With numerous local and international honors, awards and recognitions, we continue to be recognized and praised by society and the industry. In pursuit of health, sustainable ecology and higher living standards, we can continue to use our patented technology to create new products to the market. With the advent of medical cotton buds in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, we are at the forefront of fashionable and comfortable home medical-grade products.

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