The Wound Care Products Any Infirmary Should have

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The Wound Care Products Any Infirmary Should have


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The Wound Care Products Any Infirmary Should have 10648

The Wound Care Products Any Infirmary Should haveEvent

A quality wound care kit is one of the most important pieces of wound care supplies in any infirmary. In this article, we'll introduce several Winner Medical products that physicians should use in the Infirmary to provide effective and efficient wound treatment.


What is wound care?


Wound care is the process of managing and caring for wounds. The goals of wound care are to prevent infection and promote healing. For many years, physicians have been using professional wound care products, such as those supplied by Winner Medical, to help them manage and treat wounds.


Top 5 Wound care Products Every Doctor Should Own


Every doctor should have some basic products in their wound care kit.

1. Wound care package. This should include items such as sterile dressings, bandages, and tape.

2. Antiseptic wipes for initial cleaning of wounds and removal of debris.

3. Hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, or iodophor is used to clean wounds and fight infection.

4. Disposable medical gloves.

5. A medical bag carries all of the above for locations where official medical assistance is unavailable..


Doctor-recommended wound care tips


1. Wash the wound with water or normal saline. For foreign objects that cannot be washed away, such as sand and pebbles, clean gauze and cotton swabs can be used to remove them.

2. After cleaning the wound, it can be disinfected with an iodophor. It is recommended to wipe the wound from the inside to the outside around 3-5 cm around the center. In addition, it should be noted that alcohol is not suitable for cleaning broken wounds.

3. Apply a Winner Medical sterile dressing or Band-Aid to the wound.

4. Avoid touching the dressing or Band-Aid unless it needs to be changed when it gets wet or dirty.

5. Keep the area around the wound as clean and dry as possible and avoid exposing the wound to direct sunlight or moisture.

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