The Difference Between Medical Cotton Swabs and Cosmetic Cotton Swabs

The Difference Between Medical Cotton Swabs and Cosmetic Cotton Swabs



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The Difference Between Medical Cotton Swabs and Cosmetic Cotton Swabs


The Difference Between Medical Cotton Swabs and Cosmetic Cotton Swabs


Although both medical cotton swabs and cosmetic cotton swabs are pasteurized products, they are actually two different types of cotton swabs. Now, let's talk about the difference between medical cotton swabs and cosmetic cotton swabs.

Ⅰ. Medical cotton swabs

Medical cotton swabs are made of medical absorbent cotton and natural birch wood. The cotton fiber of the cotton swabs should be soft, white and odorless. No yellow spots, stains, foreign bodies should occur.

The surface of plastic rod and paper rod should be smooth without burrs, stains and foreign matters. The surface of wooden rod and bamboo rod should be smooth without fractures, stains and foreign matters.

Ⅱ. Cosmetic cotton swabs

The most common cosmetic cotton swabs are cotton swabs with round and oval head. There are more versatile and effective cotton swabs on the market: cuspidal cotton swabs. Cotton swabs with oval head are good for eye shadow and face color correction due to the moderate head size.

Thanks to their pointy heads, cuspidal cotton swabs can be used as touch-ups for details of makeup. They are great for fixing imperfect eyeliner, removing dirt from lower lashes, fixing out-of-bounds lipstick, fixing nail polish that edges your nails, etc. They are very useful in these conditions.

In general, the production of medical cotton swabs is quite strict because they need to be used for nursing and treating wounds. The sterilization is particularly required in medical cotton swab production. Medical cotton swabs absorb liquids more easily than general cotton swabs.

The main purpose of cosmetic cotton swabs is to remove makeup. In order to ensure the makeup removing effect, they are relatively soft. Even if you pour some toner on the cosmetic cotton swabs, they are still very comfortable, and you can remove the makeup easily and thoroughly.

It should be noted that most of the cosmetic cotton swabs currently on the market are general cotton swabs. Cleaning up a wound with a cosmetic cotton swab is of course not feasible, and is a very dangerous behavior. Cosmetic cotton swabs cannot meet the corresponding sterilization requirements, so they cannot be used in wound treatment.

Without the disinfection equipment and conditions like a hospital, if you use a cosmetic cotton swab directly to clean the wound, it may cause wound infection, resulting in incurable situation.

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