The Characteristics and Requirements of Disposable Surgical Gown

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The Characteristics and Requirements of Disposable Surgical Gown


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The Characteristics and Requirements of Disposable Surgical Gown 12322

The Characteristics and Requirements of Disposable Surgical GownEvent

When performing surgery, the medical staff must wear special surgical gowns. When choosing a disposable surgical gown, it is important to ensure clothing quality for safety. Therefore, strict sterilization and disinfection treatment should be carried out to achieve a certain protective effect.

Ⅰ. Requirement for disposable surgical gown material

Disposable surgical gown material are mostly non-woven fabric. They can be used after a series of disinfection treatments. The disposable surgical gowns are mostly used once to ensure the health and hygiene. After all, hygiene is extremely important for this kind of clothing. It can effectively avoid bacterial infection on the operating table and maintain the cleanliness of the surroundings. Many doctors need to spend a lot of time on surgery, so the wearing time of disposable surgical gowns is very long. Therefore, we need to ensure that disposable surgical gowns are comfortable and breathable. When performing surgery, medical staff are in a very stressful state all the time, so it is important to ensure that they wear clothes comfortably and effectively, and disposable surgical gowns can prevent tearing or unnecessary wear.

Ⅱ. The electrically resistant requirement of disposable surgical gowns

In winter, disposable sterile surgical gowns are well resistant to static electricity. In addition, disposable sterile surgical gowns serve as a powerful defense against chemicals and germs. The color of the disposable sterile surgical gowns is mostly blue, which brings a quiet and serene visual effect. The characteristics of the surgical gowns are well suited to the operating table.

Ⅲ. Notices for wearing disposable surgical gowns

(1) Neat and clean. As we all know, surgical gowns are worn by nurses and doctors in the operating room, and the environment requirement is usually quite high. Therefore, surgical gowns need to be cleaned and disinfected at the same time. No matter nurses or doctors work in the operating room, they must wear the medical uniform stipulated by the medical institution and are not allowed to wear personal clothes.

(2) Surgical gowns usually have pockets, because the medical staff need to place something. However, the pockets are not allowed to store personal items and other dirty objects.

(3) The method of wearing disposable sterile surgical gowns: Gently shake off the gown, lift up the sides of the collar, insert your hands into the sleeves of the gown, and stretch your arms forward. After put on the disposable sterile surgical gown with the assistance of the nurse, cross your arms and lift your belt back, and the belt will be tied by the nurse.

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