What is Adult Diaper and Who is Suitable for it?

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What is Adult Diaper and Who is Suitable for it?


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What is Adult Diaper and Who is Suitable for it? 13740

What is Adult Diaper and Who is Suitable for it?Event

In recent years, the markets of cotton baby diapers, women's sanitary napkins, adult diapers, urinals, wet wipes, and pet health care products have expanded rapidly, and investment in the health nonwovens industry has accelerated. The number of processing and production enterprises involved has increased, driving the unprecedented rapid development of personal care products and medical and household protective products.

Ⅰ. Adult diapers

Adult diapers are disposable paper urinary incontinence products. Adult diapers are disposable diapers used by incontinence adults. They belong to adult care products. The function of adult diapers is similar to baby diapers. Generally, adult diapers are divided into three layers from the inside out: The inner layer is close to the skin and made of non-woven fabric. The middle layer is absorbent villous pulp, adding polymer absorbent beads. The outer layer is a waterproof PE substrate.

Ⅱ. Types of adult diapers

Adult diapers are divided into two types, one is like a flake, and the other is like shorts after wearing. An adult diaper can become a pair of shorts with adhesive strips attached to them. At the same time, the adhesive strips can adjust the waist size of the shorts, so as to suit different body shapes. There are also adult pull-ups. Adult pull-ups can be called the modified version of the diapers for mild elderly. Adult pull-ups and diapers are worn differently. Adult pull-ups are improved at the waist. They have elastic bands like underwear, so they are especially suitable for people who can walk on the ground.

Ⅲ. Applicable people of adult diapers

(1) Suitable for moderate to severe incontinence, paralyzed bedridden patients, people with puerperium lochia, etc.

(2) Suitable for people who are caught in traffic jams and unable to go to the toilet in outdoor conditions, and participants in college entrance examinations and conferences.

Ⅳ. Notes for using adult diapers

Although the method of using adult diapers is not difficult, it is necessary to pay attention to relevant matters when using them.

(1) Diapers should be changed immediately if they are dirty. Wearing wet diapers for a long time is not only unhygienic, but also bad for your health.

(2) After using the diapers, wrap the used diapers and throw them in the trash. Do not flush them in the toilet. Unlike toilet paper, diapers do not dissolve.

(3) Sanitary napkins should not be used in place of adult diapers. Although the use of diapers is very similar to that of sanitary napkins, they should never be replaced by sanitary napkins, because the design of sanitary napkins is different from adult diapers, which have a unique water absorption system.

(4) Most adult diapers are flaky when they are purchased, and become shorts when they are worn. Adhesive pieces are used to bond the adult diaper, so as to form pair of shorts. Adhesive piece has the function of adjusting waist size at the same time, so as to suit different fat and thin body shape. Therefore, the fitness of the adult diapers should be adjusted properly in use.

(5) Know your own situation clearly. Pack enough adult diapers so you won't freak out when you need them.

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