Testing Knowledge of Disposable Medical Protective Shoe Covers

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Testing Knowledge of Disposable Medical Protective Shoe Covers


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Testing Knowledge of Disposable Medical Protective Shoe Covers 11199

Testing Knowledge of Disposable Medical Protective Shoe CoversEvent

In the epidemic prevention war, disposable medical protective shoe covers is also one of the strategic materials in short supply ahead. Although reports show that the COVID-19 is a droplet and contact infection, there are still cases of infection among medical staff on the front line because they did not wear shoe covers. People's foot have also become the suspected mode of transmission of the virus. The strong infectiousness of the Covid makes us have to pay attention to the quality of disposable medical protective shoe covers.

1. Specification and structure testing of medical disposable shoe covers

According to the regulations, medical disposable shoe covers are mainly used to protect the legs, feet and other parts of medical, epidemic prevention and disease control personnel from potentially infectious pollutants (blood, body fluids, secretions, excrement, vomit, etc.) hazardous protective boot-like shoe covers.

In addition to reasonable structure and convenient wearing and taking off, disposable medical protective shoe covers should also be designed in the form of closure, such as elastic closure, drawstring closure, and strap closure. In addition, in terms of appearance, the shoe cover should have no obvious defects, and the connection part should be flat and tight.

2. Performance testing of medical disposable shoe covers

The performance testing items for medical disposable shoe covers mainly require testing of water resistance, synthetic blood penetration resistance, surface moisture resistance, breaking strength, elongation at break, filtration efficiency, microbial indicators, and ethylene oxide residues. Among them, the microbial indicators mainly require the detection of the total number of bacterial colonies, coliform bacteria, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus, and the total number of fungal colonies.

When we actually produce disposable medical protective shoe covers, according to the test data research, the isolation performance is good, the waterproof effect is good, the wear resistance performance is good, and it has excellent corrosion resistance, tear resistance, peel resistance, and ventilation performance. It can completely cover the socks and trousers of medical personnel, and is easy to put on, take off and replace. Disposable shoe covers tested by these metrics are more popular.

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