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Production Details of Medical Absorbent Gauze Strips


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Medical degreased gauze strip is a medical product used for wound treatment and will protect wounds. Therefore, the medical degreased gauze strip has higher requirements on the material and is more convenient to use. So what are the precautions in the production of medical degreased gauze strips? Let's take a look at it with Winner Medical!

1. Production of medical degreased gauze strips

Nowadays, disposable medical gauze strips are not only used in hospitals, but many families also buy medical gauze strips. We inevitably bump into something in our daily life, for example, we may be injured, which requires us to use hygienic and clean medical gauze strips for dressing.

Earlier materials were taken from fresh bamboo. The specific steps are as follows: smoking, pre-drying, drying, pre-carbonizing, carbonizing, calcining, spraying, and pulverizing to prepare nano-scale bamboo charcoal powder. Then the bamboo charcoal powder is mixed into polyester or viscose and stirred, and the filaments containing bamboo charcoal powder are drawn out through spinning equipment. After getting the bamboo charcoal fiber, the gauze is obtained by spinning the bamboo charcoal fiber, and the whole piece of gauze is folded in half to obtain the medical gauze strip.

The medical gauze strip made by meticulous processing technology is the gauze strip that users can use with confidence. At the same time, another important indicator is whether the medical gauze strip has been sterilized, which can effectively ensure its positive effect of wound healing during use.

2. Details of the production of medical wound packing gauze strips

In the production process of medical degreased gauze strips, "alkali cooking" the gauze is a crucial section. The purpose is to remove the slurry, grease and wax in the greige cloth, which directly affects the quality of medical gauze. At the same time, the pollutants generated by this section are relatively large in quantity, so it is necessary to focus more on it.

In order to reduce the amount of pollutants produced in the production of medical wound packing gauze strips, the currently produced greige cloth often goes through processes of degreasing, dewaxing, and de-sizing in a high-temperature cylinder, and then undergoes a series of processes such as steaming, water washing, and bleaching. After completion, the pollutants from the previous process are often taken to the next process. In order to ensure that the gauze meets the required hygienic standards and ensures the quality of the product, more water must be used for cleaning.

In addition, medical degreased gauze strips must be strictly tested and inspected before leaving the factory. They should be soft to the touch, strong in water absorption, uniform in weft density, white and odorless, free of acid and alkali, and safe to use. The sparse pure cotton gauze greige cloth is selected, and the qualified and applicable gauze cloth is selected, which is then double-bleached with chlorine and oxygen (degreased), and then the degreased gauze greige cloth is mechanically slit, and then cut into corresponding medicalde greased gauze strips according to the required specifications.

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