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Step In Mountain Area And Support The National Medical Construction At The Grass-Roots Level


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Step In Mountain Area And Support The National Medical Construction At The Grass-Roots Level 12576

Step In Mountain Area And Support The National Medical Construction At The Grass-Roots LevelEvent

In July 13th, the wound repair branch of Beijing IOM has successfully carried out the first phase public welfare activities of “slow invasive medical care goes into the community”.


Participants: Director Chen Xin of Seeper pool, Zhou Qingjie, the head nurse in Department of orthopedics of Seeper pool, Dean Ding Hai of Hebei Town, vice president Hao Jingwei and his students of Hebei Town.

The public welfare activities of “slow invasive medical treatment goes into the community” were carried out in stages, and several hospitals were selected for training in each period. The training of each hospital was divided into theoretical training and practical training. This public welfare activity is a practical training course launched by the Hebei town community health service center as the first pilot hospital. The course of this period is for the selection and use of dressing at different wound stages. The wound repair branch of Beijing IOM and the Manufacturers of Winner Medical bring the model and dressing sample, so that the doctor can make the correct understanding and clinical experience of the wound treatment under the guidance of the expert and the manufacturers.


The specific training contents include the preparation of the wound, the selection and application of the dressing, the emergency treatment techniques for the common wounds, and the introduction and practice of some wound dressings.

Chen Xin, director Seeper pool, took the negative pressure drainage system of Winner Medical as an example. With the product training PPT provided by Winner Medical, he explained the specialized operation and helped the doctor learn the knowledge and clinical experience of wound treatment quickly and well.


Winner Medical .Negative pressure drainage system

The modified cotton dressings made by special technology are used as wound filling materials. Biological semipermeable membrane is used to close the wound, and a negative pressure is generated by connecting the drainage tube with the negative pressure source to achieve drainage therapy.

There is an exclusive patent for curved cotton lock negative pressure drainage dressings. Exclusive patent filling material has good compliance and is suitable for any irregular wound filling.


Chronic wounds: acute wounds such as pressure ulcers, venous leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, etc.

Acute wounds: Department of orthopedics, traumatology, Department of general surgery, burn, surgical wound after operation, proven sinus drainage and care, skin flap and skin grafting acute wound.

Contraindications: active bleeding; uncured osteomyelitis; exposed arteries, vessels, organs, and nerves that have eschar necrotic tissue; a wound with a malignant tumor; a non enteric and undeveloped fistula.


The scene of the explanation

The classified storage which is donated by Beijing medical wound repair branch is filled with dressings transported by Winner Medical.

This public welfare activity conforms to the trend of the national graded diagnosis and treatment and uses various forms of training lectures, practical courses, and donated materials to make new breakthroughs in the level of community diagnosis and treatment. To solve the problem that people feel hard to go to a doctor in the Hospitals, let the patients with bedsore pressure sores change medicine near home and enjoy the medical technical level of the Hospitals.

Winner Medical is a company with a strong sense of social responsibility. It Insists on the core principle of social value taking precedence over enterprise value, and has been looking for ways to help society and give back to society. It is willing to do it’s a little bit to national grading treatment, and at the same time, and hopes to facilitate the lives of ordinary people through the public welfare activities

The first phase of “slow invasive medical care in the community” public welfare activities in the first hospital training session ended perfectly. The second hospital training lectures will be carried out in August. Please rub your eyes and wait.

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