Function and Specification of Medical Cotton Swab

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Function and Specification of Medical Cotton Swab


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Function and Specification of Medical Cotton Swab 13419

Function and Specification of Medical Cotton SwabEvent

. What is the use of medical cotton swabs?

The cotton tip of the medical cotton swab has strong water absorption. After it is full of disinfectant, the disinfectant can wipe the skin evenly to achieve the disinfection effect. It is suitable for skin disinfection and surgical dressing during injection, and can also be used for makeup and makeup remover.

Medical Cotton Swab  are used in medical and health units and home hygiene care, disinfecting the skin of patients, treating wounds, and applying medicine.

The medical cotton swabs is made of 100% natural high-quality cotton with a smooth texture. After high temperature treatment, it is clean and hygienic. Cotton and plastic sticks are tightly entangled, allowing everyone to feel at ease during use. At the same time, it also has the following uses:

1. Body care such as cleaning ears after bathing and daily cleaning of ears;

2. Use as a make-up tool when making up;

3. Clean precious jewelry, clean up the dust in the machine, etc.

. Specifications of medical cotton swabs

Common specifications: 5 pcs/bag, different specifications on the market, there are also 10 pcs/bag, 20 pcs/bag, 50 pcs/bag, etc.

1. Raw materials

(1) Absorbent cotton

The quality of  Absorbent cotton used to make cotton balls must meet the requirements of national standards, hold a pstickuction license that meets the regulations, and pass the      factory inspection conclusion to be qualified;

The cotton fiber of the cotton swab should be soft, white, and odorless, free of maculas, stains, and foreign objects.

(2) Sticks

The surface of plastic sticks, paper sticks, wooden sticks, and bamboo sticks should be smooth, free of burrs, and free of stains and foreign objects;

2. Appearance

The cotton swab must be tidy, the head of the cotton swab is white and soft, and the pruning has no peculiar smell.

3. Physical properties

(1) Cotton head pull-off force: The cotton sticky roll should be tight inside and loose outside, and can withstand 100g tension and the cotton head does not completely fall off;

(2) Anti-bending performance: The bar should be able to withstand 100g external force without permanent deformation or breaking.

4. Sanitary indicators

(1) It should go through an effective sterilization process to ensure the sterility of the pstickuct;

(2) After 14 days of sterilization, the residual amount of ethylene oxide should be less than 10μg/g.

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