Considerations in Choosing Foam Dressings

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Considerations in Choosing Foam Dressings


ByWinner Medical

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Considerations in Choosing Foam DressingsEvent

Adhesive foam dressing is one of the consumables used in high-end wound care. Foam dressings are used for exudate management and are therefore mainly used for wounds with varying degrees of exudation. Winner Medical, a professional foam dressing manufacturer, would like to introduce some foam dressing precautions today.


Categories of Foam Dressings

Foam dressing is soft, flexible, have good compliance, and does not adhere to the wound. Its primary function is to absorb exudate and maintain a wet healing environment. foam dressing is available in different shapes and sizes to suit various sites and wound conditions, and is available with or without adhesive edges. Foam dressings without adhesive edges must be secured with tape or bandages, while foam dressings with adhesive edges can be secured by adhesion to the peri-wound skin, provided that the surrounding skin is intact. Specially shaped foam dressings with adhesive edges are generally used for special anatomical areas such as the sacrococcygeal, elbow, or heel. The vast majority of foam dressings are in the form of sheets, while a small number of foam dressings for cavity wounds are in the form of strips or other shapes.

How does it function?

The primary function of foam dressing is to absorb and lock in exudate, providing high absorbency and wound protection. foam dressing is available in a variety of sizes to absorb and lock in exudate from the wound bed. foam dressing surfaces are usually smooth.

Most foam dressings absorb exudate vertically, where the exudate impression of the dressing is seen to follow the shape of the wound, to avoid impregnation of the surrounding skin and to take full advantage of the material's absorbency to provide protection and a stable external recovery environment.

How to select?

The choice of foam dressing depends on the degree of exudation and the location of the wound. foam dressing should not be used on dry necrotic wounds or dry epithelial wounds. Foam dressing from Winner Medical, a manufacturer of high-end medical disposables, has good exudate absorption management and can therefore be used for a longer period with excellent impact on the wound. In practice, the frequency of change should be determined by the amount of exudate in the wound.

Outstanding dressing manufacturer: Winner Medical

Winner Medical has a class-leading facility that uses high-end, imported, large-scale industrial-grade equipment to produce its dressings. Two conditions are thus met: consistency in quality control and most important sterility of medical products. This has led to the widespread recognition of their products both at home and abroad. Visit Winner Medical's website for more details about their products.

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