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What's the Difference Between Surgical Gowns and Scrubs?


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What's the Difference Between Surgical Gowns and Scrubs? 10782

What's the Difference Between Surgical Gowns and Scrubs?Event

Some people can't distinguish the gowns and scrubs and don't understand their functions. So what are the main differences between surgical gowns and scrubs?

(1) The clothes with long sleeves, long robes, and small turtle necks, with the opening at the back, are worn with the help of nurses. These are called surgical gowns. The color is mostly light blue. The area inside the operating gowns that contacts the doctor's body is regarded as a clean area, and the area outside that contacts blood, body fluids, and patients is regarded as a polluted area.

(2) Surgical gowns must be completely isolated from a polluted and clean environment, so they are tightly wrapped. The scrubs are mostly V-neck and short-sleeved, which are the work clothes used by the staff in the clean environment of the operating room, which can be worn by surgeons, nurses, or anesthesiologists. Once you enter the operating room, you must be asked to wear these scrubs. The short sleeve is designed for operating staff to facilitate the cleaning of the hands, forearms, and the first third of the upper arm.

(3) After the operators wash their hands, the nurses will help them put on the surgical gowns. Some hospitals like to use color to distinguish different staff. For example, in Japan, anesthesiologists usually wear dark red scrubs. Clothes are all green in Chinese hospitals.

(4) Scrubs and surgical gowns are generally made of pure cotton. The fabric quality is excellent. It is woven and dyed by professional factories and large-scale equipment to ensure quality using strength. Moreover, the surgical gowns can be sterilized by high temperature and high-pressure steam by washing with chlorine resistant bleaching water; Comb yarn and get rid of the short velvet below 1cm to make the fabric more smooth and delicate without yarn knot; Full process treatment, not easy to deform, not easy to pilling, not easy to fade. High density weaving, washing and wear resistance, small shrinkage; 100% high-quality cotton, skin-friendly, sweat absorbing, breathable, and comfortable to wear.

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