Common Types of Medical Gauze Strips

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Common Types of Medical Gauze Strips


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Common Types of Medical Gauze StripsEvent

Whether in the medical environment such as hospitals or clinics, or in our own families, medical gauze is a very important sanitary product. Do you know the types and precautions of medical gauze?

1. Classification of medical gauze strips

(1) Traditional gauze

It is woven with medium coarse cotton yarn, with large mesh and sparse structure. After refining and degreasing, it has good moisture absorption and moisture resistance. The product is strictly sterilized under high temperature and high pressure. It is suitable for medical dressing or substrate of other materials.

(2) Elastic bandage gauze

The gauze made of strongly twisted cotton thread or spandex cotton core yarn arranged along the direction from left to right and the thick single yarn as weft are woven into plain weave. The elongation of the medical gauze can reach 50%, so it has a certain effect of hemostasis and blood stasis.

(3) Wound gauze

Cellulose acetate was added to acetic anhydride, esterified with a small amount of sulfuric acid and spun into cellulose diacetate fiber. The medical gauze strip is white, soft, fluffy, safe, non-toxic, tasteless and does not stimulate the skin.

(4) Non woven gauze

The medical gauze blank adopts the spunlaced consolidation method and is used after bleaching and disinfection.

(5) Composite nonwoven gauze

It is made of cotton mesh and synthetic fiber mesh layer through pressure compounding. The mesh diameter of synthetic fiber mesh is 0.1-3 mm, which forms ripples through hot rolling to increase longitudinal elasticity.

2. Precautions for using gauze strips

(1)When selecting medical gauze strips, it is necessary to check the product packaging label and product manual. In this way, we can judge whether the product specifications and the packing of gauze strips are sterile or non sterile, and then buy them according to our own needs.

(2) Medical gauze strips are disposable and cannot be reused. If used repeatedly, it will cause wound infection, which is not conducive to wound healing.

(3) In addition, check whether the medical gauze strip is intact before use. It must be used during the shelf life of the product.

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